21 benefits of futsal for body health

21 Benefits of Futsal for Body Health

Football is one type of sport that is very popular even in the international arena. The game of football is usually played by two teams, with each team consisting of 11 players. However, in addition to soccer games, there are soccer-type games that are now no less popular than soccer. A sport similar to football is futsal. Actually, futsal is almost the same as soccer, only the number of players in futsal is not 11 people but only played by 5 people, with a smaller field size and usually the field used is indoor, not out door like football.

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Even though it is only done on a smaller field and is located on an indoor field, futsal is very popular and often played, even for some people who really like playing football. Not only with the aim of putting the ball into the goal to score goals, futsal is also carried out to maintain health and body fitness. Futsal has several benefits for the body, including:

  1. Prevent Stress

There are some people who do futsal sports for futsal tournaments and futsal matches to fight for a championship. However, most people do futal sports to prevent and get rid of fatigue after a busy day with activities undertaken. Playing futsal is more relaxed than playing soccer so that players can use it to reduce the feeling of fatigue and stress experienced.

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  1. Cultivate Creativity

Futsal is done on a field with a narrow size, so it requires some special techniques so that the ball doesn’t go out easily. Creativity in playing the ball is very necessary when playing futsal. Because, if you don’t have creativity in playing and controlling the ball, the ball will be easily taken by the opponent.

  1. Strengthen the Heart

Playing futsal can train the heart to be stronger. Playing futsal with high intensity can stimulate the heart to be stronger so that it can prevent heart problems and heart attacks.

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  1. Smoothing Blood Flow

Playing futsal forces all members of the body to move and be active. With these moving limbs, it can stimulate blood flow to keep it flowing smoothly and not stop at just a few points. Smooth blood flow can make all body organs work smoothly.

  1. Removing Toxins in the Body

If the body is actively moving, it will usually produce sweat. Sweat that comes out removes salt that is no longer needed by the body. In addition to salt, sweat also releases negative ions which also contain toxins that can harm the body. By moving actively, negative ions will come out along with sweat, so the body can become healthier.

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  1. Train the Brain to Think Fast

When playing futsal, the body unconsciously regulates the coordination between the mind and body movements. The brain will be trained to think quickly for how to defend the ball, grab the ball and also put the ball into the goal. This unconsciously can train the brain to think quickly.

  1. Burn Calories

Exercising is very good for burning calories in the body. As with sports in general, the benefits of futsal can also help burn calories in the body. So the body will be healthier.

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  1. Maintaining Weight

As previously explained, futsal can help burn calories in the body. In addition, futsal can also help the body to expel dryness quickly. That way, fat can be reduced and can also keep the body in order to maintain its weight.

  1. Streamlining Oxygen Circulation

Not only blood circulation, but oxygen circulation is also very important for the body. Lack of oxygen in the body can also reduce concentration and also make the body weak. By regularly exercising futsal, the circulation of oxygen in the body can become smoother and the body becomes more vital.

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  1. Maintain Body Endurance

Doing futsal exercise releases a lot of light and can also help the body’s metabolism. Oxygen circulation and blood circulation can be smoother after futsal. It can also help maintain the immune system, so that the body can be stronger to face various types of diseases that attack.

  1. Strengthen Joints

In the game of futsal, leg strength is very necessary because it is required to keep running after the ball. With regular futsal, your feet will be used a lot for running, holding the ball, kicking and doing many other movements. This leg movement can also help the joints to make them stronger.

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  1. Prevents Cancer Cell Growth

If the immune system increases, the body’s antibodies will also increase and can prevent the entry of various bacteria, viruses and the growth of cancer cells in the body. So that the body will be stronger to avoid the growth of cancer cells in the body.

  1. Strengthens Muscles

Running and kicking the ball as you do in futsal can help the muscles to move. When a muscle is stimulated to move, it becomes stronger than a muscle that is left to rest. By exercising futsal regularly, the muscles become stronger.

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  1. Help Increase Height

When bones are actively moving during growth, they can experience increased activity which can help increase height. Therefore, some people who are used to playing soccer or futsal since childhood, they tend to have a better height compared to some people who did not exercise before.

  1. Train Your Brain To Focus

Not only can relieve stress and also train creativity and brain thinking speed, futsal sports can also help concentration. Getting used to playing futsal can help the brain to focus on the game. This can not only help focus on futsal games, but can also train focus when doing other activities.

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  1. Stabilize Body Temperature

Although playing futsal reduces ions in the body through, but this is good because sweating will help stabilize body temperature. If sweat can come out, then body heat will be reduced and will be stable. In contrast, if the sweat cannot come out, the body will become hot and the body temperature will increase.

  1. Increase Confidence

Playing futsal is only done by 5 people, with a smaller field area. With fewer players and a narrower field, futsal players will have more opportunities to dribble. Getting a chance to dribble can help increase the confidence of the players.

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  1. Training the Competitive Spirit

Futsal is a game played by two teams. Although it is not an official match, but by playing futsal one will have the soul to win matches and have a sense of competition with one another.

  1. Improve Body Fitness

Playing futsal can help the body’s metabolic process. With a good metabolism can make the body have good fitness. A fit body can help maintain a healthy body so that it is not susceptible to various diseases.

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  1. Practicing Cohesiveness

Futsal is a sport that is done with a team, not individuals. The benefits of futsal are to train players to coordinate between players in order to score goals. Good coordination between players can make the players become compact. Not only in the futsal game, the cohesiveness of the futsal game can also have a good effect on practicing cohesiveness in society and work.

Exercise is very important to maintain physical fitness and health. Popular sports like futsal can also help improve health with just a smaller court. Various benefits can also be obtained after doing futsal.

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