8 Benefits of Mangosteen for Coronary Heart and Health

The mangosteen fruit which has thick skin, slightly purplish red color and white flesh has a very refreshing sweet taste. While the rind of the mangosteen fruit has been widely used to maintain health and cure various diseases, one of which is the benefits of mangosteen for health heart. Some of the properties that exist in the mangosteen fruit include increasing immune system, reduce fever, launch the digestive system and prevent constipation, diarrhea solution and also anti-inflammatory. Heart disease itself is also one type of disease that is very feared because it can kill the sufferer suddenly and can happen to anyone. Heart disease is also synonymous with expensive disease because it requires a lot of money to treat the disease.

  1. Fighting Free Radicals

Benefits of mangosteen fruit contains xanthones which are antioxidant compounds that play an active role in counteracting free radicals that cause cell damage and trigger arteriosclerotic heart disease. The antioxidant content of xanthones is in the flesh of the mangosteen fruit and also the skin of the mangosteen so it is very good for consumption to prevent heart disease and cure various heart problems.

  1. Lowering Homocysteine
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The mangosteen fruit also contains important vitamins, namely B vitamins and folic acid which have been shown to be effective in reducing homocysteine ​​levels. Amino acids found in the flesh of the mangosteen fruit will reduce high blood homocysteine ​​which is associated with the early development of arterioclerosis.

  1. Overcoming Blockage of Blood Vessels

In the mangosteen fruit, which contains xanthones, it will also produce antioxidants to ward off harmful free radicals that can cause deposits in blood vessels and ultimately increase the risk of heart disease. With high antioxidants contained in the mangosteen fruit, the blockage will be overcome and removed from the body.

  1. Dilates Blood Vessels

There are more than 42 benefits of mangosteen peel for health and one of them is for the heart. Antioxidants called xanthones, which are present in the skin and flesh of the mangosteen fruit, are also useful for dilating blood vessels as well as improving blood circulation so that the accumulation of fat which is the main cause of coronary heart disease can be reduced. In addition, xanthones are also useful for maintaining overall cardiovascular health such as hypertension and thrombosis which are also some of the main factors of heart disease.

  1. Control Heart Rate
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Not only does it contain antioxidant compounds called xanthones, but the mangosteen fruit also contains several important minerals such as manganese, copper and magnesium and potassium which are very important for controlling heart rate and blood pressure so that it is always stable.

  1. Prevent Heart Attack

Increased oxidative stress and also a deficit of antioxidants are two important factors that are believed to play a role in the occurrence of heart attacks. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radical production and the body’s ability to fight or detox benefits through neutralization of antioxidants. In a study in India proved that alpha mangostin in mangosteen which is a derivative of xanthones is a source of antioxidants very powerful to reduce the risk of heart attack.

  1. Sources of Antioxidants
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In scientific research, it was revealed that mangosteen contains natural polyphenolic compounds known as xanthones and there are two types of xanthones in this mangosteen fruit, namely alpha mangosteen and gamma mangosteen. Xanthones and their derivatives have been shown to have many benefits, including as an anti-inflammatory. Xanthones are very effective drugs against various cardiovascular diseases. Mangosteen as a source of antioxidants will heal cells damaged by free radicals, inhibit cell aging and ward off degenerative diseases such as heart disease.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Levels

Diet with mangosteen fruit is very helpful to reduce levels of high cholesterol in the body where triglyceride levels will be controlled properly to maintain overall human heart health.

The benefits of mangosteen for the heart have been proven from a series of scientific studies throughout the world by scientists and the results can be justified. Either the flesh of the fruit or the extract made from the skin of the mangosteen is one of the best natural treatments for all heart diseases that you can use.

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