11 Benefits of Lecithin for Body Health

Have you ever eaten eggs? Of course the egg consists of the white part of the egg and also the yolk. Well, in this egg yolk there is a very important content for the body, and is commonly known as lecithin. Lechitin itself is actually a type of phospholipid which is the main component of the phosphatide fraction isolated using hexane both chemically and mechanically. The synonym used for lecithin is phosphatidyl colene. Actually found this lecithin not only found in egg yolks, but also in soybeans.

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Benefits of Lecithin

Lechitin can not only be obtained from egg yolks and soybeans. Some preparations that use lecithin are also widely found, such as being used as an oil emulsifier and mayonnaise. In fact, the main function of lecithin is for the health of nerve membranes. Without the presence of lecithin in the body, cell membranes will become stiff and lack nutrients. Some of the benefits of lecithin for health, including:

  1. Help Lose Weight

Excess fat will cause weight gain. In order to lose weight, some people usually go on a diet to burn fat in the body. There are also some people who go on a diet by consuming diet drugs which are actually not good for health because of the chemicals contained in them. In addition to these two ways, another way to help lose weight is with lecithin. Consuming foods that contain lecithin can help break down fat in the body faster. So that fat can be reduced, and weight is also reduced.

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  1. Improve Brain Function

Maintaining brain health is important, because the brain is a control tool for the entire human body. Consuming foods that contain lecithin can be used as a way to help improve and maintain brain function. The main nutrient in lecithin in the form of phosphatidylcholine can help maintain brain health by preventing the brain from memory loss.

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  1. Overcoming Gallstones

Other ingredients of lecithin are inositol and alpha tecopherol. Both of these ingredients can help keep the cholesterol in the bile to remain liquid. When the cholesterol in the bile undergoes crystallization, it will lead to gallstone disease. To prevent this, consuming foods that contain lecithin can be done so that the cholesterol in the bile remains liquid and does not undergo crystallization.

  1. Lowers cholesterol

Consuming foods that contain lecithin can help keep cholesterol in bile liquid. In addition to keeping cholesterol from becoming crystals, lecithin can also help lower cholesterol levels in the body. Lecithin can help control the nutrients that enter every cell of the body, and remove cholesterol from every cell of the body that it passes through.

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  1. Maintain Heart Health

With a decrease in cholesterol in the body, blood flow becomes smooth. Blood flow to the heart can also become smoother, so that heart health can be better maintained and avoid heart attacks.

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  1. Improving the Health of Drug Addicts

Drugs are prohibited because the content of substances in drugs can cause damage to nerve cells, the brain and disorders of several other body organs. Some drug addicts will experience damage to several parts of the body so that sometimes the eyes and face look unhealthy. Rehabilitation carried out for drug addicts can not only be done by providing activities so they can forget about drugs, but also improve the nervous system and brain cells by giving lecithin consumption to drug addicts.

  1. Maintaining Heart Health

Lecithin not only helps regulate the entry and exit of nutrients in the body’s organs. Lecithin is also useful for neutralizing toxins in the liver, which if the amount in excess can cause damage to the liver itself.

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  1. Helps Increase Metabolism

Consuming foods that contain lecithin can help the body’s metabolism, that way, the burning of the body will become smoother.

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  1. Increase Endurance

Consuming foods containing lecithin regularly is very good for the body. Not only can it help increase the body’s metabolism, but it can also help increase endurance. The body will become stronger and also avoid various types of diseases.

  1. Breaking Up Toxins In The Body
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The amount of toxins in the body can cause cancer and other types of dangerous diseases. Consuming foods that contain lecithin can help break down toxins in the body, or help the body’s detoxification process. That way, the body will become healthier because it avoids toxins in the body.

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  1. Improve Hemoglobin Function

With the breakdown of toxins in the body, the body will become healthier. This is because the release of toxins from the body can help smooth blood flow and improve the function of hemoglobin in the blood.

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We do not realize that there are many important substances that must be consumed because they are needed by the body, which turns out to be in the food around us. Like lecithin which is needed by the body. The importance of lecithin makes the body will experience damage if you do not consume it. But don’t worry, because lecithin is easily found in several types of everyday foods such as egg yolks and types of peas.

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