12 Benefits of Yakult for Health

Yakult, surely many of you are familiar with one of the prebiotic drinks that have been around since the 90s. Yakult is a health drink made using a fermentation process from sugar and skim milk, resulting in a drink that tastes sour, but sweet and similar to yogurt.

yakultYakult itself has a historical beginning from the Japanese region, with the original name Jahurto which means yogurt. In the manufacturing process, Yakult uses Lactobacillus Casei bacteria as a support for the fermentation process from skim milk and sugar which is the main ingredient. In Indonesia itself, yakult has become one of the pioneers of prebiotic drinks and health drinks in Indonesia and has many benefits.

Yakult is packaged in small plastic bottles and packaged for one drink. Usually it is recommended to drink yakult 2 times a day to get optimal health benefits from yakult.

What are the benefits of yakult?

Yakult became very popular because it has very many benefits. What are the benefits of yakult for body health? The following are some of the benefits of yakult for the health of our bodies:

  1. Increase the number of good bacteria in the intestine

Our intestines are an organ that has a duality of bacteria in it. Bad bacteria and good bacteria. Bad bacteria in the intestines usually come from the food we eat, which can cause various intestinal disorders, such as:

  • Inflammation of the intestine
  • Stomach ache
  • Indigestion

To prevent too many bad bacteria in the body, the body needs good bacteria that can fight the performance of these bad bacteria. With the increase in good bacteria in the intestine, the possibility of experiencing digestive disorders and inflammation of the intestine will decrease.

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Good For Adding Good Bacteria

  1. Facilitate digestion

The function of yakult fermented milk is the same as the main function and benefit of this type of yogurt, which is to help facilitate the digestive process. Some of the most common digestive disorders include:

  • Difficult to defecate
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea

With regular consumption of yakult, digestive disorders can be overcome.

Good for speeding up digestion

  1. Boost immunity and immunity

With the increase in the number of good bacteria that enter the body, it will make the immune and immune conditions better and higher. This increase in immunity and immunity greatly affects the condition of the body as a whole, such as:

  • More resistant to disease
  • It’s not easy to feel tired
  • Always enthusiastic in doing activities
  • Speed ​​up the healing process
  • Prevents the entry of bacteria and germs in infecting the body

Good for the immune system

  1. Reduces toxins in the intestines

Bad bacteria in the intestines in addition to having a bad effect on intestinal and digestive health, they also contain toxins that are also dangerous and have a bad impact on body health. By consuming yakult regularly, toxins in the intestine can be reduced and prevent intestinal disorders and infections.

Good for reducing toxins in the intestines

  1. Prevent flatulence

After eating, especially eating fatty, hot foods and eating large amounts, usually the stomach will experience symptoms of bloating and nausea. Drinking yakult after consuming hot, spicy food and large amounts of food will help neutralize the condition of your stomach, so that it can prevent flatulence and nausea.

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Good for preventing flatulence

  1. Binding fat

Yakult also has a fairly high fiber content. With this fiber content, yakult can function to bind fat that enters the body and prevent fat accumulation. The accumulation of large amounts of fat will result in:

  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease
  • Blockage of blood vessels

Well used for binding fat

  1. Treat stomach

If you have an ulcer disease talent and an ulcer condition that often recurs, in addition to using treatment with ulcer drug consumption, you can drink yakult to help relieve ulcer symptoms that appear. This is due to the active content of good bacteria in yakult, which can make your ulcer condition subside and not be prolonged.

Good for treating gastric

  1. Does not contain preservatives

As one of the manufactured consumption products, yakult is not added with food preservatives. Therefore, yakult is also suitable for those of you who are sensitive to the content of food preservatives, and can reduce the risk of symptoms caused by the content of food preservatives.

  1. Useful for preventing the emergence of chronic diseases

Yakult is a type of probiotic drink, as opposed to other types of antibiotics. With the label as a type of probiotic drink, yakult is able to help prevent various diseases that often attack the body, and usually come from the influence of an unhealthy lifestyle, especially types of chronic diseases, such as:

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Good for preventing chronic diseases

  1. Good for pregnant women as long as you don’t consume too much

Pregnant women who experience constipation aka difficult bowel movements can consume yakult to help reduce the symptoms of constipation. This is because the condition of pregnant women who are not allowed to push the armpits is constipated, because it will affect the condition of the fetus. However, it should be noted that the consumption of yakult must be at a reasonable level and not excessive.

  1. Prevent eczema

Recent research shows that the probiotic bacteria found in this yakult drink have excellent benefits for preventing the appearance of eczema. Eczema is a disease that attacks the skin, which is similar to water fleas.

Good for preventing eczema

  1. Can balance the number of bacteria in the intestine

The number of bacteria in the gut may experience an imbalance as a result of lifestyle, especially from your daily food consumption. Now drinking yakult can help balance the number of bacteria in the intestines so you can avoid various problems that attack the intestines.

Those are some of the benefits of yakult. It is recommended to consume yakult every day, especially for those of you who have inappropriate lifestyles and patterns, such as irregular food consumption. I hope this article is useful,

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