Benefits of gotu kola leaves for fertility

With increasing age, a woman’s fertility will decrease. Age 35 years and over ovulation will decrease, including with other reproduction that will affect pregnancy.

In some cases, age is very influential on fertility, due to hormonal imbalances, fertility-related autoimmune, PCOS, and also a very weak uterus.

There are several herbal remedies that can treat fertility problems. This herb is very effective for increasing fertility and has no side effects. This plant can maintain the body during pregnancy because it has rich nutrients and essential fatty acids that the body needs.

Gotu kola or commonly known as centella asiatica can reduce heat and is also good for improving body circulation by revitalizing blood vessels. In addition, for female fertility.

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Gotu kola, which is simply known as Centella Herba, contains: asiaticoside, thankuniside, isothankuniside, madecassoside, brahmoside, brahmic acid, brahminoside, madasiatic acid, meso-inositol, centelloside, carotenoids, hydrocotylin, vellarinetannins as well as mineral salts such as potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium and iron.

Gotu kola leaves contain madecassosside substances as a stimulant for collagen production in the body. Gotu kola leaves can also help egg cells to regenerate. The carotene contained in it can maintain female fertility because the very high content of carotene functions as an antioxidant.

According to American research, gotu kola leaves can increase the strength in the body at bedtime. Another benefit, gotu kola leaves can also increase libido, and can prevent fatigue and increase energy when having sex with a partner.

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This function can maintain the quality of the egg and protect the strength of the sperm from free radicals that interfere, so that it becomes strong and does not get sick easily. To consume it can be as fresh vegetables or pickles on the daily menu.

Madescassosside substances can also stimulate the release of collagen which has an important role for egg and sperm cells. Gotu kola can be found on the edge of rice fields, yards or other places.

Another way other than as fresh vegetables is to boil gotu kola leaves in 3 cups and let it boil to 1 cup. Then, drink regularly to get optimal results.

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