8 Benefits of Facial Gymnastics and Its Movement

Exercising is an activity that is healthy for our bodies. There are many types of exercise, ranging from vigorous exercise, light exercise, to exercise while walking in the open. Exercise is needed for everyone to maintain a healthy body. At least everyone needs to do exercise at least once a week so that the body feels fit and healthy.

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One type of sport that we often encounter is gymnastics. If you are a person who does not like sports that make the body too tired, then exercise is an alternative that you can do. Gymnastics is a type of sport that is not too heavy and relies on movements in certain body parts. Usually, the body parts that are often moved during exercise are the hands, feet, waist, neck, and so on. Therefore this exercise is very good for exercising the flexibility of the muscles of the limbs and is also very good for training the muscle strength of certain body parts.

Recognizing Facial Gymnastics

Did you know that gymnastics is not only done by certain body parts such as hands, feet, waist, and so on. It turns out that exercise can also be done by certain body parts. One part of the body that can do gymnastics is the face.

Gymnastics performed on the face is called facial gymnastics. Facial exercise is one of the most effective methods and can be used to maintain facial skin firmness. In addition, facial exercises are also widely used to keep facial skin looking young and always fresh. Facial exercises are movements performed by certain parts of the face such as lips, cheeks, eyes, and so on.

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The purpose of people doing facial exercises is none other than to maintain the freshness of facial skin so that it looks firm, fresh, healthy, and youthful. Even though this facial exercise is not very popular among the public, it is also necessary to try it because it has no side effects at all. In addition, facial exercises are also easy for everyone to do.

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Facial Gymnastics Movement Tips

Facial exercises can be done with a variety of movements. The movements in this facial exercise can be performed by several different parts of the face. Each of these facial movements has a different function. Here are some tips about facial exercises that can be done and their benefits:

  1. Pout Lips

Pouting the lips or often also called pouting the lips is a movement that is not wrong. Movement like this can actually make our faces become healthy. However, there are techniques that need to be considered in doing this facial gymnastics movement to pout or pout the lips. The way to do this is to close your lips, then lean forward, and hold the movement for a few seconds. Do this exercise 5 times. After coming to the last exercise, use your fingers and place your fingers in front of your mouth then apply a little pressure.

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  1. Stretching Lips

Stretching the lips is one of the most effective ways to get rid of wrinkles on the face. If wrinkles disappear then we will always look young. The first way to do facial stretching is to smile widely and try to keep some areas of your face from moving at all. Try to hold your smile for a few seconds, then let go. Repeat this motion 5 times and your wrinkles will decrease.

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  1. Chewing Gum

Chewing gum, apart from being fun, is also able to provide benefits for our facial skin. Chewing gum can be categorized as facial exercise. Chewing gum, in addition to refreshing our mouth, is also useful for strengthening the muscles on the face so that facial skin becomes firmer and avoids the problem of wrinkles or wrinkles.

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  1. Facial Massage

Facial massage is one method that is popular among women. Many women who accidentally go to a beauty salon to do this type of facial massage treatment. Facial massage in addition to nourishing facial skin, it is also able to make facial skin bright, beautiful, and also tight. Facial massage will make blood circulation in the face smooth, so this can automatically prevent wrinkles or wrinkles.

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  1. Train the Eyes

Facial exercises can also be done by eye movements. Doing exercises on these eyes will affect the facial skin. The function of this eye movement, among others, is for the facial skin to be tight and free from wrinkles. This eye exercise can be done by placing the index finger near the eye area then apply a little pressure, and then stretch your face. Hold this position for a few seconds, then repeat this movement up to 2-3 times a day.

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  1. Movement Makes Lips Fresh

There is one movement that can be done on the face to make the lips look fresh and also tight. The movement that can be done is to put the left hand right in the corner of the right lip. Then pull it up to the cheek. After that place your right hand near your nose and pull it to the side. Do the same thing on the left side of the lip. This movement can be done 4 times alternately.

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  1. Make Cheeks Look Red
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To make the cheeks blush naturally, we can get it by doing facial exercises. The trick is to rub both hands on the cheeks with a little pressure. Then do the movement from the bottom and pull up. Repeat this motion for a count of ten. Then tap the lower cheek ten times. Do this exercise regularly to get fresh cheeks.

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  1. Remove Panda Eyes

Panda eyes are often the biggest enemy for women. These panda eyes can be removed by doing facial exercises. The way to do this is to place your middle finger and ring finger on the outer corner of the eye. Then pull until the eyes become slanted by lifting the lower eyes slowly. Then hold for a moment and release. Repeat this movement to get the eyes free from the panda circles.

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Those are some tips that can be done as our facial gymnastics movements. From some of the explanations of the tips above, it can be concluded that facial exercises can bring certain benefits for the face.

In general, facial exercises provide the following benefits:

  1. Tighten facial skin
  2. Remove wrinkles
  3. Strengthens facial muscles
  4. Refreshing lips
  5. Gives a blush effect to the cheeks
  6. Promote blood circulation on the face
  7. Makes skin brighter and smoother
  8. Prevents various kinds of skin problems

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Those are some of the benefits that can be derived from facial exercises. We already know the various benefits of facial seam and also how to do it, therefore there is no harm in trying to do facial exercises as a way to nourish our facial skin.

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