10 Benefits of Lifting Weights for the Body

Lifting weights is a sport that is quite attractive to many people. Every fitness center must have this type of exercise. Besides being easier to do, lifting weights turns out to have so many benefits for the health of our bodies. Here are the benefits of lifting weights that can take us by surprise.

  1. Preventing Early Death

According to one researcher from UCLA, Arun Karlamangla, the greater the muscle mass a person has, the lower the risk of premature death.

  1. Prevent Insomnia

Any type of exercise, including lifting weights can make you sleep better at night.

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  1. Increase Muscle Strength

Lifting weights has been proven to increase a person’s muscle mass and strength when done properly. Strong muscles make it less susceptible to the risk of muscle injury.

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  1. Increase Bone Density
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Several studies have shown that lifting weights can increase bone density, especially in adults or middle-aged people if done regularly.

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  1. Maintaining Mental Health

In addition to strengthening your muscles and bones, lifting weights is also able to strengthen mentally. In general, people who exercise frequently have less anxiety or depression because when we train the body, it turns out that indirectly we are also training mental strength.

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  1. Healthy Heart

According to The American Heart Association, weight training performed twice a week can improve a person’s cardiovascular health. If done regularly, blood pressure can be lowered effectively.

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  1. Support Diet Program
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Lifting weights has been proven to be twice as effective at burning fat and calories in the body. No wonder lifting weights has become an exercise menu for people who want to get their ideal weight at various fitness centers.

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  1. Body Shaping

Lifting weights can also shape the body to be more beautiful even in old age. Research suggests that the older a person gets, the less muscle mass they have. The muscles will be replaced with fat which makes body parts such as hips bigger. Therefore, regular muscle building exercises are needed to maintain an ideal body shape in old age.

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  1. Stabilizes Blood Sugar

An Australian study found that people with type 2 diabetes who did regular weightlifting for 4 months, their blood sugar levels decreased and remained stable. This is because this exercise can make the body more sensitive to the hormone insulin.

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  1. Increase Confidence
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Confidence can be obtained from various things including a healthier and fitter body. The ideal body shape as a result of exercise also supports our confidence to carry out routine activities and socialize in society.

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Those are the benefits of lifting weights for our physical and mental fitness and health. However, it is recommended not to do it excessively and try to do it in a fitness center accompanied by an instructor to avoid lifting weights the wrong way.

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