4 Benefits of Kombucha Mushrooms for Body Health

When you hear the word kombucha mushroom, what comes to your mind? What is the name of Cambodia? If so, then you must really understand the difference between kombucha and frangipani. Although the name is almost the same, but the kambucha mushroom does not come from the country of Cambodia. Kombucha mushroom or kombucha tea is currently being discussed by many people because of its excellent health benefits and is able to treat various diseases. Before discussing the benefits of kambucha mushrooms, you should first know the origin of this kambucha mushroom, yes.

The origin of the kombucha mushroom

Kambucha mushroom is a combination of two words namely “kambu” and “cha”. Kambu itself is the name of a healer who comes from South Korea while the word cha means tea in Chinese. So the story is that in 414 BC there was a Japanese emperor named Inkyo who had an incurable disease related to his poor digestion or constipation. Then there was a healer from Korea who gave a mushroom potion and miraculously the potion was able to heal the emperor. For the services of the kambu healer then the emperor dedicated his name to the fungus that had healed him, namely “kombucha”.

The spread of this kombucha mushroom then extended to mainland America and Europe via Russia. In Indonesia, kaombucha mushrooms are more commonly known as dipo mushrooms or fort mushrooms. To get this kombucha mushroom is still a bit difficult, but it can be ordered at herbal shops that do provide this kombucha mushroom.

Kombucha mushroom nutritional content

Why is this kombucha mushroom so good for health? According to experts, if you consume kombucha mushrooms, it means you are entering a variety of good nutrients into your body, including the following.

1. Enzyme

One of the nutrients that are very good for health in kombucha mushrooms are enzymes. Enzymes are part of protein compounds that function to facilitate digestion. This is because enzymes work by accelerating biochemical reactions in the body so that food is quickly broken down and quickly out of the body.

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2. Organic acids

One of the types of organic acids found in kombucha mushrooms is amino acids. This amino acid is very important for health because it repairs damaged tissue and can be used as natural antibodies in the body to fight bacteria, viruses and germs that try to enter the body.

then another type of acid that is in kombucha mushrooms is malic acid. The main function of malic acid is as a natural detoxifying agent for the body which can also make the immune system stronger and resilient from disease.

The main function of this nucleic acid is as a natural ingredient for cell regeneration so that the formation of new cells can occur faster and the new cells produced will be healthier and stronger.

The main function of oxalic acid is as a building material when the body forms energy, so with this oxalic acid the body’s energy will be created more optimally.

Acetic acid functions as a destroyer of bad bacteria or as a natural antiseptic for the body so that if there is a wound it will not be quickly infected by bad bacteria and to facilitate digestion.

3. Multivitamin

Other content that is very beneficial for the body in kombuccha mushrooms is the presence of various types of vitamins, especially vitamin B complex and high vitamin C. With this multivitamin, the body will become healthier.

From the many nutritional content in kombucha mushrooms, of course you would have thought that the benefits for health must be very good. and this is true, here are some of the health benefits of kombucha mushrooms that you need to know.

  1. Treat stomach disorders

In general, this kombucha mushroom is very good for stomach health and its benefits are able to treat all health problems that exist in the stomach. So various stomach health problems such as colon cancer, menstrual complaints, difficulty urinating, constipation or difficulty defecating, varicose veins, stomach acid, ulcers, flatulence and others can definitely be cured by this magic mushroom. so for those of you who have stomach problems, whatever the problem is, the solution is just one, namely using kombucha mushrooms.

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  1. Treating diseases related to joints and bones

Besides being able to treat various types of diseases in the stomach, another benefit of this kombucha mushroom is to treat various types of diseases related to joints and bones. So for example, rheumatism, gout, bone loss or osteoporosis, lordosis, gout, aches and pains and many others. still not sure because the benefits are so many? Eits but that’s the fact.

  1. Various types of other diseases

According to health experts, if the benefits of kombucha mushrooms are listed one by one, there may be hundreds of lists of types of diseases that can be overcome by this kombucha mushroom. various types of other diseases such as colds, headaches, diabetes, migraine, asthma, obesity, AIDS, insomnia and many others, both mild and severe.

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  1. skin care

Kombucha mushrooms can also be crowned as beauty mushrooms because of their great benefits for the skin. The presence of high antioxidant content in it will help ward off free radicals so as to prevent you from wrinkles and dark spots on the face. In addition, another benefit is being able to maintain skin elasticity so that the skin becomes more youthful, supple, bright and more resistant to all symptoms of premature aging.

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Of all the benefits that exist, it is not surprising that the kombucha mushroom was later dubbed the 1001 benefit mushroom or the fungus that heals all kinds of diseases, as well as the mushroom that keeps the lifespan longer. So, you have no doubts about not using products from kombucha mushrooms.

How to Process Kombucha Mushrooms

To get the benefits of this kombucha mushroom, you can’t eat it directly. You have to make it into kombucha mushroom tea. The combination of kombucha mushrooms and this tea will produce a combination that is very good for health. So for those of you who want to make your own, here are the steps needed to make kombucha mushroom tea.


  • Kombucha mushrooms that have been made into yeast
  • 100 grams of granulated sugar
  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 teaspoons of tea (any tea)


  • Pan
  • Jars and jar cover

How to make:

  • First, the way to make it is the same as making tea in general by mixing hot water, tea and sugar.
  • Then let stand for about 15 minutes. After that, strain the tea so that it is clean and then enter the granulated sugar as much as 10 percent of the tea steeping water and then stir.
  • After that, let it cool down but don’t let it exceed 25 degrees because the kombucha yeast can die when it’s hot. Make sure that no dust or insects get into it.
  • Then add the kombucha mushrooms and close the jar tightly for about 8 days. After that you can take back the kombucha mushrooms and you can drink the fermented tea from the kombucha mushrooms.
  • You can make this tea as a supply when you and your family or relatives experience health problems.

Thus a review of the benefits of kombucha mushrooms that you need to know. Hope it is useful.