15 Benefits of Free Falling for Physical and Mental Health

Sport is a positive activity that is highly recommended to maintain health. How many diseases or health problems are caused by lack of exercise. For example, being overweight, diabetes, heart disease, nervous tension, hypertension, back pain, and many others. There are still many people who are reluctant to set aside a little time to exercise. In fact, sport is an activity that is very easy, flexible so that it can be done anytime and anywhere, using simple, inexpensive, and most importantly fun equipment. Why is it called fun? Because this activity makes our bodies produce endorphins that make us feel happy and happy.

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There are many choices of sports that we can do ranging from the simplest such as running and sit-ups to those that require a lot of equipment such as cricket and polo. Ranging from the mundane like push-ups and swimming to the extreme like surfing and freefall or bungee jumping.

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Freefall is a type of sport that is done by jumping from a height of about several hundred meters using a rope. One end of the rope is tied at the point of the jump and the other is tied to a part of the jumper’s body such as the legs or body. And when the preparation is okay, the jumper can immediately jump down and feel an extraordinary sensation. He will plunge down to the end of the rope. In addition, the jumper will also feel a throwback when the rope runs out or reaches the end. The jumper will continue to feel the oscillation up and down for some time.

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This very challenging sport is usually done in beautiful places so it is very fun to do such as on dam walls, bridges, building towers, and so on.

Like other types of sports, freefall also has many benefits for body and mental health, including:

  1. Relieve stress

    Life cannot be separated from various problems, whether it is work, personal relationships, or other problems. This causes many people to suffer from stress to depression which is certainly not good for health. There are many ways to relieve stress, from doing hobbies, exercising, taking vacations, hanging out with friends, to consulting a psychologist. One of them is by doing freefall sports. Jumping from a height is recognized by many people can help release various burdens of the mind so that it can reduce stress.

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  2. Exciting

    Freefall sports can also cause feelings of joy and pleasure in the heart. Jumping from a height and falling freely down makes us let go of all burdens so that what remains is a feeling of joy.

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  3. Increase body flexibility

    The activity of jumping from a height also makes our bodies move freely spontaneously so that it can increase body flexibility.

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  4. Promotes blood circulation to the brain

    Freefall sports make the body move freely with the body in an inverted position where the head is down. This causes blood circulation to the brain to be smooth so that the blood needs for the brain are met properly. But this is also not good to do too long because it can cause dizziness. We recommend that freefall exercise is done in moderation and not excessive.

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  5. Increase the production of the hormone serotonin

    Smooth blood circulation to the brain causes the brain to produce the hormone serotonin in large quantities. According to health science, this hormone is very good for preventing depression and increasing positive mood. In addition, this hormone also has a good impact on bone density, blood clotting, sexual function, and the digestive tract.

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  6. Have more controlled emotions

    Sufficient levels of the hormone serotonin in the body are very good for helping us control emotions so that they are more controlled. For that, for those of you who have problems with emotions that are difficult to control, you should try this sport.

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  7. Improve physical fitness

    With a flexible body and smooth blood circulation to the brain, it makes our bodies healthier and fitter.

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  8. Mentally strengthen

    Not everyone dares to jump from a height, it takes a strong mentality to do it. Dare to try this type of sport is very helpful to train mental strength.

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  9. Overcoming the phobia of heights

    This sport is also very good for people who have a phobia or fear of heights as a therapy to eliminate fear little by little. By daring to do this sport, it means that people with a phobia of heights have been able to overcome their fear so that over time their phobia will decrease and disappear.

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  10. Increase self-confidence

    Freefall is also useful for increasing self-confidence. If all this time you are among those who feel inferior and not confident, this sport can be done to train yourself to be more courageous and confident.

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  11. Get rid of toxins in the body

    The various foods we consume and the air we breathe are certainly not one hundred percent free of toxins and germs. More or less there are toxins that enter and over time accumulate in the body. One of the benefits of freefall is that it helps remove these toxins from the body.

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  12. Make the body youthful

    The activity of jumping from a height in freefall is very good for smooth blood circulation and helps get rid of various toxins in the body. This is certainly very good for the health of the body and skin so that it makes you stay young.

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  13. Strengthen bones

    Free fall from a height is also very good to help the body absorb calcium optimally so that it makes bones stronger.

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  14. Increase adrenaline

    Stressful activities such as free-falling make our bodies produce adrenaline hormones which are very beneficial, such as increasing metabolism, heart health, increasing brain performance, and helping to release various important hormones that the body needs.

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  15. Opportunity to check health condition

    This sport can also be a means to check whether your health condition is good or if there are hidden injuries that you have but haven’t realized so far.

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So what are you waiting for? For those of you, especially those who are young, you need to try this extreme sport. Instead of doing extreme things that are negative, it is better to do this sport to channel the energy you have into useful things.

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