5 Benefits of Nutritious Black Corn

In general, corn that is widely known is corn that has a slightly orange yellow color. However, in 2012 corn appeared with another color, namely black corn. The black color of corn is due to the content of anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid in it. Black corn was first developed in Peru and Chile. Although it has a deep black color of corn, the taste of black corn is no different from corn in general. Usually black corn is processed into pudding. Black corn contains many nutrients in it that have health benefits.

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Benefits of black corn

Some of the benefits of black corn for health are:

  1. Cure Diabetes

Consuming black corn on a regular basis can help balance blood sugar levels in the body so that it can overcome the diabetes problem experienced. Black corn has a low glycemic index so it does not have high blood sugar levels. Another way of black corn in lowering blood sugar levels is to lose weight. Having a body that is too fat or obese can affect blood sugar levels in the body. Insulin in the body will be smooth if the body has an ideal body.

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Unhealthy lifestyles such as consumption of unhealthy foods and activity patterns that are too heavy and force the body to become one of the factors causing the emergence of type 2 diabetes. diabetes.

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  1. Reducing the Risk of Colon Cancer

Anthocyanin substances contained in black corn not only function to treat diabetes but can also prevent the occurrence of colon cancer. Nutrients contained in vegetables, seeds or fruit are indicated by their color. From scientific tests that have been carried out, the black color in corn and several other types of plants has nutrients that can prevent cancer and have substances to prevent premature aging.

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  1. Boost Immune System

Black corn has a very high mineral content such as iron and zinc. Iron can produce red blood cells and zinc can boost the immune system. In addition, other ingredients in black corn that can increase the body’s immune system are calcium, elenium, potassium, folic acid, niacin and several other elements.

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  1. Rich in Protein Content

Black corn has 20% more protein content than yellow corn. In addition to more protein, black corn also contains tryptophan and lysine and has a higher amino acid content than yellow corn.

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  1. Rich in Antioxidants

The antioxidant content in black corn is very high, and serves as a nutritional supplement that can inhibit aging, prevent and overcome inflammation problems experienced by many people. Black corn can also overcome various health problems in various parts of the body. Some other health problems that can be overcome by consuming black corn include:

  • Overcoming cataract vision problems
  • Treating brain glaucoma
  • Boost immunity
  • Helps lower blood pressure, blood fat and cholesterol
  • Contains anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties
  • Works to improve liver function
  • Overcome constipation and hemorrhoids
  • Reduce varicose veins, allergies and reduce fever
  • Reduces inflammation of the respiratory tract in people with Alzheimer’s
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The variety of plant varieties will affect its benefits to health and human needs. The more diverse types of plants such as the emergence of black corn, the more various benefits and health problems that can be overcome.