8 Benefits of Elephant Trunk Leaves for Health and Cancer

benefits of elephant trunk leavesElephant trunk leaf or also known as SSG (Sabah Snake Grass) has long been known as a powerful drug in treating cancer. Not only that, but this leaf is also known as one of the herbal medicines for various types of diseases. Elephant trunk leaves are sometimes used as ornamental plants in the yard and can grow well in the environment. Elephant trunk leaves contain antioxidant benefits high enough so that it is able to overcome cancer cells in the body so that they do not grow and eventually spread.

Another use of antioxidants is to fight disease-causing free radicals that are now widely spread in the environment. Elephant trunk leaves contain high levels of minerals, vitamins and flavonoids. Although useful for treating many diseases, this leaf is better known as a cancer-fighting drug.

There are many benefits of elephant trunk leaves for health such as:

  1. against various types of cancer
  2. overcoming clogged blood flow
  3. remove toxins from the body
  4. treat prostate inflammation
  5. overcoming diabetes
  6. treat back pain
  7. treat high blood pressure
  8. reduce fatigue
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Elephant Trunk Leaf for Cancer Treatment

In ancient times, elephant trunk leaves were widely traded to overcome health problems. For those who suffer from cancer, they are generally required to consume elephant trunk leaves at least 100 pieces per day and can vary depending on the level of how dangerous the cancer is being suffered.

To get elephant trunk leaves, now it’s not easy considering this one plant is no longer as popular as it used to be. So don’t be surprised if you will have difficulty when looking for it in medical needs. For cancer sufferers, it is better if you plant your own elephant trunk leaves for personal healing purposes.

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Until now, it has been widely reported how efficacious the elephant trunk plant is in dealing with cancer. There are some cancer patients who claim to be cured after consuming elephant trunk leaves, which even according to doctors are no longer old.

A number of herbs to treat cancer:

How to Make Elephant Trunk Leaf Juice

To consume elephant trunk leaves, you can make it into juice by:

  • the first step is to pour cup white ar into the blender
  • add 1 to 2 ice cubes
  • add benefits of lemonwhich is useful for avoiding oxidation
  • Clean the elephant trunk leaf that has been prepared previously then put it in a blender
  • Peel fresh apples. Don’t forget to remove the seeds
  • cut the apple as much as 8 parts then add it to the blender machine
  • it’s better if you immediately drink the elephant trunk juice because it’s not good for storage
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If you feel cold after drinking this juice, you can use ginger benefits to warm your body. After consuming this juice drink from elephant trunk leaves, you should avoid foods that are taboo, namely ginseng, durian, chicken, duck, taro, margarine, dumplings, bird’s nest, sugar, honey, stingrays and mackerel.

The power of elephant trunk leaves has helped many people who are sick with cancer, ranging from lung cancer, spleen cancer, uterine cancer, prostate cancer, blood cancer to various other types of diseases such as kidney disease to even those with tumors. In treating cancer, of course the amount of consumption of elephant trunk leaves is different for each person depending on how severe the patient’s illness is. If consuming elephant trunk leaves shows good results, then the patient can reduce the consumption of elephant trunk leaves.

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