10 Benefits of Plums for Face and Natural Beauty

Plums are a type of fruit from the cherry family that has a fresh sweet and sour taste so it is suitable for direct consumption, used as juice or a mixture of food ingredients such as cakes. But did you know that plums also have a lot of health benefits, especially on the face because this fruit can also be used as a puree to make masks or face scrub.

Facial Treatment with Plums

Currently, many people prefer to return to natural ways for facial care, although there are lots of cosmetic products that provide instant effects but still come with risks such as irritation, incompatibility, the emergence of allergic reactions and so on. The use of facial care products from natural ingredients can minimize these risks and one of them is by using plums.

Benefits of Plums for Face

The next question that arises may be why should plums? Well, actually it doesn’t have to be plums, there are also other fruits that are good for facial treatments, for example avocado benefits for skin rejuvenation or cucumber benefits for skin as well as to remove eye bags and much more. While the benefits of plums for the face are as follows:

  1. Plums High in Antioxidants
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Compared to other fruits, plums are included in superfoods because they are source of antioxidants the good one. For those of you who are not too familiar with the benefits of antioxidants for the face, this substance is very good at warding off free radicals and especially for facial skin, it also ensures that the skin is protected from the bad effects of UV rays.

  1. High in Vitamin C

Vitamin C has an important role in maintaining healthy skin, especially facial skin that is often exposed to sunlight or UV rays. Benefits of vitamin C for the skin is to optimize the production of collagen which keeps the skin healthy and optimally protected from within.

  1. Caring for Skin Elastistas

One of the functions of collagen produced from within the body is to help maintain skin elasticity. That means the skin looks more supple and glowing because there are no fine wrinkles that will decorate your face due to the influence of free radicals or the accumulation of dead skin.

  1. Rejuvenate Facial Skin

Want to always have a face that looks young like a teenager? Well, make sure the nutrients you consume are sufficient to maintain the health of your skin. Plums contain vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin A and beta carotene and antioxidant benefits which is very good for helping to rejuvenate your skin.

  1. Nourish Skin Naturally
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As mentioned in the previous point where plums are a super food that is rich in nutrients that are good for maintaining healthy skin. Starting from vitamin C to optimize collagen production, vitamin E protects the skin from the bad effects of UV rays to antioxidants that help rejuvenate facial skin.

  1. Prevent and Eliminate Acne Scars

Many beauty products can be used to prevent acne but none are as natural as plums where this fruit not only prevents but also helps eliminate acne scars optimally.

  1. Eliminate Signs of Premature Aging

Pollution, free radicals and the bad influence of UV rays can be the cause of the appearance of black spots and fine lines on the face which are signs of premature aging. Consuming plums can help with this and plums can be used externally as additional nutrition and used as a mask or face scrub.

  1. Prevents Hyperpigmentation

The face is the most prone to hyperpigmentation because it is often exposed to direct sunlight. To prevent this, make sure the intake of nutrients that can protect facial skin are adequate, such as those found in plums which are rich in nutrients.

  1. Hydrates skin from the outside and inside
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Using plums as a mask or face scrub can help hydrate the skin from the outside and consuming it as fruit juice also helps hydrate the skin from the inside. Well-hydrated skin will always look healthy and youthful.

  1. Natural Treatment Solution

Although there are many choices of practical beauty products, using plums as a natural treatment solution both from the outside and from the inside is certainly better because it does not contain harmful side effects unless you are allergic to this fruit.

It turns out that it is not only the benefits of plums for the face that you should know because it turns out that plums are also good for hair growth and if used as a hair mask it can help clean the scalp and nourish the scalp and overcome various kinds of diseases on the scalp such as dandruff and hair loss. . Not only for adults, mothers also need to know the benefits of plums for babies because it can be made into a choice for children’s complementary foods because it is rich in fiber and vitamins for the growth of babies and toddlers.

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