12 Health Benefits of Walking – Easy Guide 2022

The benefits of walking by some people are often underestimated so that not a few people in modern times leave it. Various factors also make people increasingly abandon the habit of walking, namely the number of capital vehicles whose use is increasing. As we know, the booming number of motorized vehicles in the capital is one of the reasons we rarely see people walking on foot to school or to work.

benefits of walking

Walking when leaving for activities in the morning, such as going to work or school, can be beneficial for health. Walking can be a very practical type of exercise. Without realizing it, walking to school is a sports activity that has benefits such as benefits of swimming.

12 Health Benefits of Walking

Of course, there are many benefits stored from this walk, such as the following:

1. Prevent Osteoporosis

This type of bone disease that often occurs in the elderly occurs because of low bone mass and bone microarchitecture and a decrease in the quality of bone tissue which can eventually lead to bone fragility. Prevention of bone loss is not only obtained from calcium in milk but must be balanced with overall body movement, such as walking for at least 15 minutes a day every day.

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2. Heart Health

Walking will reduce blood pressure which reduces the adhesion between blood cells, leading to blood clots that clog blood vessels. When walking, the body moves so that the good cholesterol (HDL), which absorbs the bad cholesterol (LDL), can nourish the heart.

3. Maintain fitness

Walking every day when you go to the office will keep your body in shape during activities. Walking three times a week can improve fitness and maintain the respiratory system significantly.

4. Improve the Respiratory System

Walking is one type of relaxing exercise that anyone can do. This activity can make the respiratory system smoother and stronger, of course. By walking every day, you can help your breath longer.

5. Maintain blood pressure stability

Metabolic processes in the body can also be assisted by walking. With a smooth body metabolism, you can maintain stable blood pressure. For those who have high blood pressure, it’s a good idea to start walking regularly in the morning.

6. Mencegah dimension

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Dementia is characterized by decreased brain function that mostly affects older people. Studies and research have shown that this dementia can be prevented by walking regularly. At least he can reduce the risk of dementia by 40%.

7. Foundations for a Healthy Life

Walking regularly is a strong foundation for everyone to lead a healthy life. No wonder some dairy products suggest and implement a 10,000-step daily program to promote health and prevent various bone disorders & diseases.

8. Boost the Immune System

You have made enough effort to give the body a stronger immune system by walking. Sweat and smooth metabolism of the body will help the body’s immunity not to be attacked by various dangerous diseases.

9, Increase vitamin D in the body

Vitamin d in the body can be obtained from various sources. Besides food, morning sunlight is the most important source of vitamin D. Walking will automatically provide the body with sufficient sunlight if done outdoors, which means increasing vitamin D nutrition in the body. your body. (Read: Benefits of vitamin D)

10. Sleep better

If you do a 30-minute walk every morning, it will help you get a good night’s sleep. Like sports, walking will help metabolism and provide a comfortable effect during later sleep.

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Benefits of Walking Barefoot

If you can’t do it when you go to work, don’t worry. Walking barefoot around your yard can be a good alternative to exercise. Here are the benefits:

11. Reflection

Walking in the house’s yard interspersed with jogging barefoot can be free yoga. Pebbles, small rocks that are stepped on, can stimulate the reflex points of the feet. At first, it hurts, but it can be a good sign for healing the disease that is in the body

12. Yoga kaki

Walking barefoot can strengthen the muscles, deep ligaments, ankles, and calves. This helps prevent injuries, knee strain, and back problems. Walking barefoot will also activate certain muscles that help maintain posture and body balance. This muscle is not active when wearing shoes.

The benefits of walking for the health of the human body are quite high, one of which is to train the heart to stay healthy. Try to walk no less than 10 thousand steps every day to make you live a long-term healthy life.