7 Benefits of Bay Leaf for Diet and Health

Indonesia is one of the countries where many herbal plants are found. One of them is bay leaf. Bay leaves are better known by the public as one of the spices that can make the aroma of food taste better. However, it turns out that the benefits of bay leaves are not only as a cooking spice but can also be used as herbal medicine for the treatment of various types of diseases.

Currently there are many questions about whether bay leaves have benefits for the diet. This is actually not wrong and indeed one of the functions of bay leaves for health is to control weight for those of you who are on a diet. Bay leaves that are put into cooking can replace the presence of salt. As it is known that salt or sodium is one of the substances that can hold water and fat in the body so that the body becomes fat.

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Excessive use of salt or sodium can also trigger various types of diseases such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension and others. therefore you should also avoid using too much salt. The use of bay leaves for weight loss has long been known, but many people are reluctant to use it because it feels complicated and difficult and the results take a long time. Whereas using bay leaves for diet will have an effect in the long term for better health.

Benefits of bay leaves for diet

You can use bay leaves for this diet to help you lose weight. Currently, there is already available instant bay leaf extract and you can buy it at drugstores. But making your own concoction of bay leaves will certainly be much healthier for you. Then what are the benefits of bay leaves for diet? Read more below.

  • Eating heavy foods such as rice and meat will certainly make your weight gain significantly, especially if the meat you eat contains fat. Consumption of meat that contains fat also has the potential to make cholesterol and calories high. By adding bay leaves to cooking, it can reduce cholesterol and calorie levels in food. Or you can eat the bay leaf too, don’t just throw it away.
  • Eating too many foods that contain carbohydrates and high calories can also trigger the growth of diabetes, diabetes and obesity. You can consume boiled water of bay leaves to neutralize the presence of the disease.
  • The benefits of bay leaves for diet are also not only for controlling sugar and cholesterol levels but also for controlling blood pressure to keep it normal. This is especially if you consume too much salt then the bay leaf can help relieve it.
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How to process bay leaves for diet

Consumption of this bay leaf can help you avoid obesity or overweight and prevent you from various types of diseases due to being overweight such as stroke, heart attack and diabetes. For those of you who want to get the benefits of bay leaves and are still confused about how to process them, here is a preparation of ingredients from bay leaves that you can use.

  • The first thing you have to do is prepare 30 bay leaves that have been washed and also 2 cups of water.
  • After that, boil the water until it boils and then add the bay leaf
  • Wait until the water shrinks to just one glass
  • Once cooked, remove the ingredients and strain.
  • Drink while still warm
  • If you don’t like the taste, you can add brown sugar, rock sugar or honey to make it taste better.

Drink this concoction regularly to get maximum results when losing weight. But in addition to consuming ingredients from bay leaves, you are also still advised to adjust your diet and exercise regularly so that you can lose weight quickly and keep your diet healthy.

Benefits of bay leaves for health

Besides being used for cooking and losing weight or dieting, bay leaves are also beneficial for other health. The following are the benefits of bay leaves.

  1. Whiten teeth
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Although there are many toothpaste products currently available, using herbal ingredients to whiten and clean teeth is a good choice. how to use bay leaves to whiten teeth is to dry the bay leaves in the sun. After the bay leaf is completely dry until the color turns brown, then mash the bay leaf until it becomes a powder. After it becomes a powder mix with water, stir until it resembles a paste. Then use it to brush your teeth 2 times a day. Feel the benefits in a few weeks later.

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  1. Lowers cholesterol

As mentioned earlier that the benefits of bay leaves are to remove cholesterol and prevent diabetes. How to use it is the same as the decoction of bay leaves that has been described above. You have to drink it regularly to get maximum results.

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  1. Treating diabetes

Diabetes is actually not much different from diabetes because both conditions have too much sugar in the blood so that insulin, which processes sugar into energy, cannot work properly. You can drink a decoction of bay leaves 3 times a day before eating. Do this until you feel healed from diabetes. To be more sure you can consult a doctor about the use of the bay leaf herb.

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  1. Lowering high blood pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition where there is high blood pressure in the arteries. Hypertension is often considered a silent killer because the symptoms often do not appear and are only known when complications from other, more dangerous diseases such as stroke and heart disease occur. To avoid this disease you can use a decoction of bay leaves every day. Do not forget that you should not eat foods that trigger high blood pressure to rise.

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  1. Treat stomach

Ulcer disease or gastric acid conditions can make sufferers feel bad and cause nausea and vomiting. Ulcer sufferers will also usually feel an unbearable pain in the stomach. If you suffer from these symptoms, immediately drink a decoction of bay leaves until the soreness disappears and the stomach returns to being comfortable. To treat ulcers, you also have to maintain your diet and don’t be late for maximum results.

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  1. Overcoming alcohol hangover

For those of you who like to drink alcohol and find it difficult to find a way to overcome the hangover from alcohol, then you can prepare a decoction of bay leaves. Drink when you feel you can’t stand your drunken state. Just in case you should say this to your friends so they don’t forget and alcohol hangover can be cured quickly.

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  1. Overcoming uric acid

Gout is a condition in which sodium acid builds up in the form of crystals in the joint area and when it recurs, it can cause a rash in the joints and excruciating pain. Most gout sufferers are men who are elderly, but it is also possible that you who are young can experience it. To avoid and treat gout, you can consume a decoction of bay leaves every day, especially if you are experiencing gout. This herb can relieve pain due to gout.

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Thus a review of the benefits of bay leaves for diet and for other health. Hope it is useful.

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