10 Benefits of Honey and Cinnamon for Health

Having a healthy body is everyone’s desire and hope. Because if you have health problems, it will certainly make your body uncomfortable, and you still have to pay for treatment. With a healthy body, there will be no complaints and disturbances at work, so that the body feels fit and free to do all activities. Various ways are done in order to get a healthy body and avoid disease. Some people take supplements and vitamins to keep the body healthy. One of the natural ingredients that can make the body healthy is a combination of honey and cinnamon. The content of the combination of the two produces extraordinary benefits that are efficacious for the health of the body and can overcome several health problems. Before knowing what are the benefits of a mixture of honey and cinnamon, you may also need to know the content in it.

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Honey and Cinnamon Content

Honey has no doubt in overcoming health problems, because it has long been known as a natural ingredient that is very healthy for the body. The content that is in honey is very diverse so that the benefits for health are also very much. In 100 grams of honey, there are content in the form of carbohydrates, fiber, protein, sugar, ribloflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), calcium, iron, patothenic acid (vitamin B5), vitamin B6, folate (vitamin B9), vitamin C , magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, zinc and energy.

While cinnamon is usually known as one of the kitchen spices that can be delicious in cooking. In addition, cinnamon is now commonly found as a mixture in typical drinks such as wedang uwuh. Cinnamon contains cinnamaldehyde compounds which have anti-platelet aggregation properties, so it can remove cholesterol that sticks and clots in blood vessels. In addition, it can also work as a vasodilator in vitro.

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The many ingredients in the benefits of honey and cinnamon are what can work to overcome some complaints of health problems and keep the body healthy. Consuming both is safe and has no side effects. Moreover, the benefits of honey have been recognized by scientists and have been used as medicinal ingredients for centuries.

Benefits of Consuming a Mix of Honey and Cinnamon

Some scientists have conducted research on the mixture of honey and cinnamon, and its health benefits. Here are some problems that can be overcome with a mixture of honey and cinnamon:

  1. Solving Joint Problems

A mixture of honey and cinnamon can reduce pain and relieve joint pain, such as in the elbows and knees. The content in it has been proven positive for chronic arthritis, so it can relieve and overcome joint pain problems. By mixing a tablespoon of honey and half a spoon of ground cinnamon. Consuming a mixture of both regularly, and on an empty stomach can relieve long-standing joint pain. In addition to brewing and drinking, a mixture of honey and cinnamon can be added to lukewarm water and applied to the aching joints. In some time, about 2 minutes, the joint pain will disappear.

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  1. Overcoming bladder infections

A mixture of honey and cinnamon can overcome infections that occur in the bladder. This combination can kill germs in the bladder so that it can reduce infections that occur in the bladder. The trick is to put 2 teaspoons of cinnamon and one tablespoon of honey into a glass of lukewarm water, and drink it regularly.

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  1. Overcoming the Flu
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Although honey alone has been known for a long time to relieve colds, but by combining it with cinnamon, overcoming the flu is more effective. Drinking a mixture of honey and cinnamon can relieve colds quickly, in addition to flu can also treat sinus disease.

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  1. Lose weight

For people who have problems with weight, can try drinking a mixture of honey and cinnamon on an empty stomach. The content in it can help prevent the formation of fat, so it can help lose weight. By drinking a mixture of honey and cinnamon before breakfast and before going to bed, you can lose weight effectively. In addition, drinking this combination can help the desire to snack excessively. The content in it can eliminate fungi and bacteria in digestion and also stabilize blood sugar levels in the body.

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  1. Overcoming Heart Disease

For those who have problems with the heart, maybe you can replace the alternative habit of consuming rice for breakfast. The breakfast menu can be replaced by using honey and cinnamon smeared on white bread. The content in this combination can reduce cholesterol and arterial dams so that it can reduce the risk of a heart attack. Consumption of a mixture of honey and cinnamon can facilitate breathing so that it can strengthen the heartbeat.

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  1. Solving Stomach Problems

For those who often have problems with abdominal pain and bloating, you can use honey and cinnamon as a remedy to overcome them. The content in it can reduce gas in the stomach.

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  1. Overcoming Toothache
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Experiencing a toothache is sometimes unbearable. By mixing one teaspoon of cinnamon and five tablespoons of honey and applying it to the aching tooth, you can treat the toothache you are experiencing.

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  1. Overcoming Barren

A mixture of honey and cinnamon has been used as a Greek medicine to treat infertility. Honey and cinnamon can strengthen semen in men, strengthen the uterus of women. Men who have difficulty conceiving can overcome it by drinking this mixture before bed on a regular basis. And for women who are difficult to get pregnant can apply a mixture of honey and cinnamon on the gums.

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  1. Overcoming Hair Loss Problem

With a mixture of honey and cinnamon combined with olive oil, it can be used as an ingredient to treat hair loss. Applying it on the scalp and leaving it on for 15 minutes, and then rinsing it off, can strengthen the hair roots and nourish the hair. So that it can overcome the problem of hair loss and breakage.

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  1. Overcoming Acne Problems

Using a mask mixed with honey and cinnamon can work to overcome the problem of acne. By applying it on the acne prone area on the maam day before bed, and washing it when waking up can eliminate acne that can interfere with appearance.

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Some of the honey and cinnamon mixture remedies above can be tried as an alternative way to overcome the disease and make the body healthy. By consuming regularly and according to the dose depending on the type of complaint suffered.

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