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Albumin benefits for the body and human health are very large, especially for children to beauty. Albumin is a type of monomeric protein that is soluble in water or salt, when exposed to heat it will coagulate. Albumin is made in the liver, so that the plasma albumin level is around 60 percent. Albumin is a bit rarely heard by us. Some people are still very unfamiliar with what albumin is and what the function of albumin is. So, what is albumin?

It is indeed very difficult to imagine the form of albumin, do you remember the appearance of egg whites? Well, that’s what albumin looks like. Albumin is known to have a molecular weight of around 65 kD and consists of 584 free amino acids carbohydrates. This type of albumin protein is most often found in eggs (egg albumin), blood (serum albumin), and in milk (lactalbumin).

In other words albumin can be called like a binding agent that ensures the blood constituents stay bound together. Decreased albumin levels will cause fluid in the blood to separate, resulting in accumulation in various parts of the body which will cause edema. By doing a simple blood test can see the albumin level of the person. That’s because albumin circulates in human blood. When albumin is in the normal range, it indicates the liver is functioning very well.

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There are several levels of albumin levels in the human body, among others

  • Normal level of albumin in the blood. When albumin levels are said to be normal if laboratory tests show a reading of more than 4.0 g/dl. Generally, normal albumin levels vary between 4.0 to 5.4 g/dl. A blood sample shows that in 1 liter of blood there are 40 grams of albumin.
  • Normal level of albumin in urine. Basically urine should not contain albumin. Albumin has a large molecule so that it will not be able to pass through the kidney filter and will return to the bloodstream. In small amounts of albumin found in the urine, generally normal levels of urine albumin is 0-8 mg/dl.
  • High albumin level.. If the albumin level is too high for a very long time it is an early sign of a health problem. In patients with tuberculosis will be found high levels of albumin. Excessive alcohol consumption and dehydration are factors that cause high albumin levels. And leukemia also makes albumin at high levels. Lack of vitamin A in the body can also increase albumin levels.
  • Low albumin levels. Albumin levels that are below normal indicate a problem with the liver. Factors that cause a decrease in albumin levels are poor nutrition and malabsorption. Bladder infections, tooth decay, and arthritis also cause a drop in albumin levels.
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Those are some levels of albumin found in humans, so we can conclude that normal albumin levels will describe the condition of the kidney organs in a healthy state. After discussing the levels of albumin, then we will discuss what are the benefits of the albumin.

Albumin Benefits

  1. Reducing the risk of coronary heart disease. The content of albumin turns out to be able to reduce fat levels in the blood, so it can reduce heart attacks and is also able to avoid the risk of stroke and narrowing of blood vessels. Proline contained in albumin has a function to strengthen the heart muscles.
  2. Overcoming hepatitis. Improve liver tissue by regenerating liver and bile cells, because albumin contains amino acids, complete essentials and minerals.
  3. Regulates the osmotic pressure of the blood.
  4. Maintain water levels in blood plasma so as to maintain virgin volume.
  5. Serves as a carrier of elements that are less soluble in water to pass through blood plasma and cell fluids.
  6. Help the process of forming new cell tissue or can speed up the recovery of the body’s cell tissue that is split.
  7. Binds blood components and ensures blood fluids do not leak into body tissues.
  8. Improve the body’s immune system.
  9. Can accelerate the healing of external and internal wounds.
  10. Helping the healing process of lung infections, tuberculosis, fractures, diabetes, HIV, sepsis, and stroke.
  11. Can help speed up healing after surgery
  12. Eliminate swelling.
  13. The benefits of albumin for children can improve malnutrition that occurs in infants, children, and pregnant women.
  14. Can help the healing process of autism.
  15. Being a sluran of various nutrients and hormones. Albumin can be a medium where various types of nutrients and hormones are stored as they travel throughout the body through blood plasma.
  16. Sends fatty acids to the liver.
  17. Be a buffer solution.
  18. Preserves oncotic pressure.
  19. Carrying thyroid hormone.
  20. Carrying drugs and shortening the half-life of the drug.
  21. As a negative acute-phase inflammatory protein. Albumin levels will decrease as a sign of the acute phase of the immune response after infection, but that does not mean the body is in a state of malnutrition.
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Good for the heart too

Top For Cancer

Well, those are some of the benefits of albumin that we can summarize here. Hopefully this article can also provide benefits for all of us as readers.

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