4 benefits of vitamin calcimega for pregnant women

4 Benefits of Vitamin Calcimega for Pregnant Women

What are calcimega vitamins? Maybe the term calcimega is quite foreign to us the general public who do not understand medicine. However, pregnant women may have heard of or even consumed it because it has been prescribed by a doctor. Vitamin calcimega is indeed widely consumed by pregnant women, but sometimes pregnant women themselves do not understand what the benefits of calcimega are. Therefore, let’s discuss what calcimega is and the benefits of calcimega itself. (Also Read: Benefits of Vitamin B6 , Benefits of Calcium for the Heart)

Vitamin Calcimega is a calcium supplement product. Calcium is one of the most important minerals for our body. This mineral is very important for bones, teeth, growth and is also needed by our nerves and heart. Actually calcium is contained in many foods such as milk, spinach, cheese and so on. But there are some people who need more calcium than usual. Those who need a lot of calcium include children, pregnant and lactating women. One way to meet this calcium requirement is to take calcium supplements.

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Vitamin calcimega itself is a calcium supplement that is often consumed by pregnant women. Why do pregnant women need a lot of calcium intake? Calcium is needed for fetal bone and muscle growth, especially in the second and third trimesters. Because at that time the fetus grew quite rapidly compared to the previous period. So for that reason why pregnant women need calcium supplements such as vitamin calcimega. If pregnant women are not given calcimega, the fetus will take calcium from the mother’s bones, so that the mother can develop osteoporosis. The details of the benefits will be described in more detail.

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Benefits of Vitamin Calcimega in Pregnant Women

1. Prevent osteoporosis

As explained briefly in the paragraph above, pregnant women need high calcium consumption because the fetus needs it for bone and muscle formation. If pregnant women are not given calcium supplements such as calcimega, the fetus will take calcium from the mother’s bones, so that the mother’s bones can experience osteoporosis. Therefore, calcimega is very useful for preventing osteoporosis, especially in pregnant women. It should be emphasized that the required dose needs to be consulted by your doctor first.

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2. Reduces cramping symptoms

Pregnant women who experience cramps can be caused by several factors, one of which is a lack of calcium intake. To reduce it, the mother can do light exercise on the legs, stretch and so on, and make sure the consumption of calcium is sufficient and also consult a doctor regularly. Thus the symptoms of cramps will decrease during pregnancy.

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3. Maintain the health of the fetus

As previously discussed calcium is needed for the formation of bones and muscles in the fetus. So if there is a lack of calcium, the formation of bones and muscles will be imperfect and the baby can be born with defects and bones and teeth are not in normal condition. Therefore calcimega is needed so that this does not happen, and consult your doctor for the right dose.

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4. The baby’s growth will be good

Pregnant women who lack calcium also affect the growth and development of babies after childbirth. The process of stunted growth and development includes learning to crawl, sit, long closed crown and so on. The presence of bone disease in the baby can also be due to a lack of calcium when the baby is in the womb. Therefore, calcium supplements such as calcimega are needed for good baby growth and development.

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Thus an explanation of some of the benefits of vitamin calcimega, especially for pregnant women. It should be noted that pregnant women also need other minerals not only calcium for perfect fetal development. Pregnant women also need to eat other natural nutritious foods, not just fixated on supplements. For more information, please consult your respective doctor for the right dose as needed. Hopefully this information is useful for those who want to know what the benefits of calcimega are.

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