5 Benefits of Turmeric Asem for Body Health

Jamu turmeric tamarind or turmeric acid is one type of herbal medicine that is popular in Indonesia. This drink has been used since ancient times for generations and is famous for its various health benefits. Made from two main ingredients, namely turmeric and tamarind, which are known to contain nutrients that are good for the body, so consuming a mixture of the two will bring many benefits as well.

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Turmeric or turmeric as it is known is a medicinal plant as well as a spice that is used as a spice in cooking such as curry. It has the property of being able to preserve food naturally as well as a natural colorant (yellow color) in cooking. There are so many turmeric benefits and turmeric herbal benefits which is very good for health so this plant is very good for consumption.

There is also tamarind or tamarind which is also widely used as a cooking spice and to remove the fishy smell of fish. As the name implies, tamarind is used as a sour taste enhancer in dishes such as tamarind vegetables and pempek sauce. Tamarind is also used as a mixture of herbs. Its use is very wide due to the taste and benefits of tamarind. In addition to the fruit, other parts of this plant also have many good benefits benefits of tamarind leaves java and benefits of tamarind seeds.

Apart from being used as herbs, turmeric and tamarind can also be used in the form of other more creative processed foods or drinks so that the combination of these healthy ingredients can be consumed by more people. Here are some of the benefits of turmeric tamarind as a processed food or drink:

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1. Sour turmeric juice drink

This drink is the result of processing turmeric and tamarind juice which is boiled with water and benefits of brown sugar to add flavor. Especially used as an antioxidant drink that can inhibit the development of free radicals in the body. Similar to turmeric and tamarind herbs. How to make it very easy:

  • Wash 1 kg of turmeric under running water until clean.
  • Then the turmeric is peeled and thinly sliced ​​so that the essence comes out easier when boiled.
  • Put the turmeric and 0.5 kg of Javanese acid into a boiling pan and then boil with 13% Javanese sugar and 2 liters of water.
  • After that the cooking water is filtered to get the filtrate of turmeric acid.
  • This filtrate is then boiled again until boiling.
  • After that, this drink can be drunk immediately or stored in a closed container.

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2. Jelly drink sour turmeric

In order to be preferred by all groups, such as children, sour turmeric is also processed into jelly drinks or jelly drinks. That is a drink that is given a thickening agent so that the drink becomes more elastic, easy to suck, and does not settle. Similar to jelly drinks on the market but of course richer in benefits. To make sour turmeric jelly drink, the following steps are needed:

  • Mix the ingredients in the form of 1 liter of sour turmeric extract, carrageenan or agar powder as much as 0.4%, and sugar as much as 10%.
  • If needed, dyes and aroma enhancers can also be added.
  • Then this mixture is pasteurized or heated for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 100 degrees Celsius to destroy various germs.
  • After that, the sour turmeric jelly drink is ready to be eaten or packaged in a closed container.
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3. Sour turmeric jelly candy

Still in the form of jelly, tamarind turmeric can also be processed into jelly candy so that it can be consumed as a snack but of course a healthy snack because of the various benefits of turmeric and tamarind as the main ingredients in its manufacture. With a chewy texture and sweet and sour taste, it is hoped that this sour turmeric jelly candy can be consumed widely in the community so that its benefits can also be felt by more people.

Basically, to make this jelly candy, you need sour turmeric extract and gelling ingredients such as gelatin, agar, or carrageenan, as well as several other additives. If you want to make it at home, here are the steps in detail:

To make sour turmeric jelly candy we need two doughs that will be put together later. Both of these doughs must be cooked at the same time so that after boiling they can be stirred or mixed immediately.

  • Dough 1 consists of 250 grams of seaweed, 250 grams of sugar, 500 grams of sour turmeric extract, and 0.5 teaspoons of candy drying medicine. These ingredients are cooked until boiling and thickened.
  • While dough 2 consists of 250 grams of sour turmeric juice, 20 grams of jelly powder, and 350 grams of glucose. Just like dough 1, this dough is cooked until it boils and thickens.
  • Then the two doughs are mixed and can be dyed to look attractive.
  • Put into a mold and leave overnight.
  • Then cut the jelly candy into the desired shape, sprinkled with sugar, and let it dry. Sour turmeric jelly candy is ready to eat.

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4. Turmeric sour yogurt rump

So far, we know yogurt as a drink made from milk with a thick texture and sour taste. Yogurt is also known as a healthy drink so it is highly recommended for consumption. For those of you who are yogurt fans, you can try yogurt made from sour turmeric which is no less useful. This is supported by the content and properties it has, namely high antioxidants, vitamin C, and the content of lactic acid which is an antimicrobial compound. With the main ingredient in the form of sour turmeric extract, several other additional ingredients, and a series of processes, sour turmeric yogurt is formed as a variant of sour turmeric processed which is rich in benefits.

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5. Sour turmeric ice cream

Another snack that is liked by all circles that can be processed from sour turmeric juice is ice cream. Yes, almost everyone likes ice cream from children, teenagers, to the elderly. To make sour turmeric ice cream, other additional ingredients are needed such as skim milk, egg yolk, carrageenan, granulated sugar, and shortening, besides of course the main ingredient is sour turmeric juice. By going through a series of processes such as pasteurization, homogenization, aging, foaming, and freezing, sour turmeric ice cream is created which is not only delicious but also rich in benefits.

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Those are among the benefits of turmeric tamarind that can be processed into a variety of interesting foods or drinks so that they can be liked by today’s young generation. This can be a business opportunity for business people to open a stone business line regarding processed foods/drinks from turmeric tamarind.

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