benefits of papaya for high stomach acid

Benefits of Papaya for High Stomach Acid

Acid reflux disease or also known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) is a condition where stomach acid levels rise to the esophagus or chest, causing pain and burning in the chest. This disease is actually commonly experienced by the public, usually starting with ulcer disease or eating late and eventually causing other more serious disorders, namely GERD.

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Causes and symptoms

The cause of acid reflux disease is the malfunctioning of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) where the function of the LES is as an automatic closure of the esophageal muscle circle. This LES will open and close automatically when food enters so that stomach acid does not rise to the top, but because the LES is impaired or not functioning at all, gastric acid rises and is unstoppable, causing some symptoms of acid reflux disease.

The most common symptom experienced by sufferers of gastric acid is pain and a burning sensation in the chest area and this will especially occur after eating. In addition, other symptoms are a bad taste in the throat and difficulty swallowing food so that if left continuously it can cause other health problems because the body does not include nutrients from food properly.

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If you experience some of the above descriptions with frequent intensity, it is highly recommended to check with a doctor to get the right diagnosis so that appropriate prevention and treatment can be carried out. To get an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will usually ask the patient about the symptoms they are experiencing and then after an in-depth study is carried out further tests, namely endoscopy.

This endoscopy test is done using an instrument called an endoscope. An endoscope is a very flexible, long tube-like device at the end of which is a camera. The device is then inserted through the mouth until it reaches the esophagus and even the stomach and sees what causes this stomach acid to rise and to see further if there are wounds in the esophagus or in the stomach.

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Stomach acid treatment

After the doctor gets the correct diagnosis, then you will then be given some prescription drugs that can relieve the symptoms you are experiencing as well as drugs to reduce stomach acid levels. But the most important thing in this case is that you should pay attention to the intake of foods that are low in fat and also have high nutrition. a combination of choosing the right food and using the right drugs will get more optimal results.

This acid reflux treatment may not work because of the advanced stage of the acid reflux disease. If this happens then what must be done is to perform a GERD surgical procedure. In addition, patients will also receive long-term treatment according to the severity of acid reflux disease and must have regular check-ups with a doctor.

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Stomach Acid Treatment With Food

The best treatment does not come from the consumption of drugs and other medical materials, but the best treatment is to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that stomach acid disease can disappear little by little but surely without dependence on certain drugs. Stomach acid disease is one of the common diseases and you should know what types of foods can reduce stomach acid levels. For more, see the following:

Fruits that do not know this season are very easy to find with a variety of banana varieties to choose from. Bananas contain potassium which is able to balance the pH or acid level in the body as well as stomach acid levels so that it is not too acidic which can irritate the stomach. In addition, the potassium content in bananas can also relieve stress and depression which can also cause stomach ulcers and acid reflux.

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This most sought after fruit when its season arrives has orange flesh with a distinctive sweet taste. Currently, there are many types of mangoes that you can choose according to your taste, for example, sweet arum mango, which mango, egg mango, apple mango and others. each type of mango has a different uniqueness and unique taste as well. Mango contains antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory properties that make the body more immune from diseases including stomach acid. By eating this mango will make the lining of your stomach wall become cooler and control the production of stomach acid so that it is not excessive.

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Coconut water has many benefits and one of them is to prevent the formation of acid in the stomach. Coconut also contains natural glucose and salt which are commonly referred to as ions. By consuming this coconut water will make your fitness awake longer and can eliminate fatigue and fatigue that you feel.

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Who does not know the fruit on this one. Yes, this round fruit with green skin and dark green stripes does have a good taste and contains a lot of water, so it is very suitable to be used to quench thirst. Watermelon contains high levels of ammonia. This ammonia substance serves to maintain the level of acidity in the body, including stomach acid. You can consume watermelon in various ways according to your individual tastes.

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Cucumber has a cooling effect on the skin so that it becomes fresher and healthier. that’s what makes cucumbers as masks or can be affixed to the eyelids to make them fresher. This is also done for people with stomach acid, you only need to slice a cucumber and then place it on your stomach, especially the left side of the stomach. The cold from this cucumber will make the production of stomach acid decrease and not make stomach acid disease recur.

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Some of the food lists above, of course, are only a few types of foods that are good for people with stomach acid. Of course there are many other types of food that you can choose as a natural treatment for stomach acid.

Benefits of Papaya for Stomach Acid

One type of fruit that is quite effective in overcoming stomach acid disease or GERD is papaya. This unseasonable fruit is not only good for the eyes and digestion, but it is also good for controlling the production of stomach acid in the body so that it doesn’t go overboard and doesn’t go up the esophagus. This is because papaya contains papain enzymes which can affect acid levels in the body and optimize protein absorption from food that enters the stomach.

In addition, in papaya fruit also contains high fiber so that it can smooth your digestion. Fiber can turn into a gel and make food in the stomach like jelly which can eventually make the body feel full longer and less hungry. So this papaya fruit is also very good for those of you who are on a diet. You can find this papaya fruit easily because there are many sellers who sell papaya fruit. Papaya trees are not difficult to find, so you can plant and eat them for free every day. Consume it into various types of preparations according to your taste so that the treatment of stomach acid also becomes pleasant and painful.

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Thus a review of the benefits of papaya for stomach acid. Hope it is useful.

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