5 Benefits of Suji Leaves for Hemorrhoids (Hemorrhoids)

Suji leaf which has the Latin name Pleomele angustifolia is a type of plant whose green color is very useful, such as pandan leaves. But biologically, these two leaves have no familial relationship at all. Due to the high chlorophyll content, the green color of the leaves is also very effective for coloring food. However, don’t get me wrong with this one leaf, because it turns out that suji leaves have other benefits for human health. One of them is the benefits of suji leaves for hemorrhoids. (read also: Benefits of Ornamental Plants in General)

Hemorrhoid is a disease that is classified as a digestive disorder and causes sufferers to experience excruciating pain when defecating. If not treated quickly, this pain will be felt when the sufferer sits and walks. Therefore, hemorrhoid disease should be avoided as much as possible. How can you avoid it? Of course, by using suji leaves. Here are some of the benefits of suji leaves for hemorrhoids as follows:

  1. Treating Stomach Disease

The benefits of suji leaves for hemorrhoids are first related to gastric disease. As is known, an unhealthy stomach causes digestion to become unhealthy. That is why, then the rest of the digestion that must be removed through defecation becomes not smooth. Then how suji leaves are able to prevent this from happening? By consuming a concoction of suji leaves, you can have better digestion because gastric disease can be resolved easily. (read also: Benefits of Binahong Leaves)

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  1. Treating Stomach Pain

Stomach pain that interferes with the digestive system also has something to do with hemorrhoids experienced by a person. This is related to abdominal pain, indicating that the digestive process is in trouble and may cause hemorrhoids to occur. If hemorrhoids occur due to abdominal pain, then it can be overcome by treating the stomachache first. The boiled water of suji leaves is known to be able to effectively cure stomach pain. So don’t hesitate anymore and improve your health condition by consuming suji leaves. (read also: Benefits of Lemongrass Leaves)

  1. Launching Food Processing

Suji leaves which are green plants are also known to be good for helping smooth food processing in the digestive organs. So by having smooth digestion and not having problems in processing food, then you can avoid hemorrhoid disease. What you need to do is make sure that the processing of food in your digestive system is maintained properly. A digestive system that processes food properly can keep hemorrhoids from attacking again. (read also: Benefits of Moringa Leaves)

  1. Sufficient Fiber Needs in Digestion

The need for fiber in digestion cannot be ruled out. You have to get enough fiber to have a healthy digestive system. One way to meet the needs of this fiber you can do by using the benefits of suji leaves for hemorrhoids. You only need to consume a simple concoction of suji leaf ingredients on a regular basis. The suji leaf concoction contains rich fiber and your digestion can run easily. So don’t worry too much about the absence of benefits from suji leaves. Surely there will be benefits of consuming suji leaves for your digestion, even if only to meet fiber needs. (read also: Benefits of Mango Leaves)

  1. Treating Hemorrhoids Effectively
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Hemorrhoids not only need to be prevented, but if they are already suffering then you have to treat them. Treating hemorrhoids is not easy. Some suggest using drugs and some even suggest using surgery. These methods are very dangerous if you do not know clearly the efficacy and effects. Then use the herb suji leaves to treat hemorrhoids more effectively and simply. Consume a concoction of suji leaves regularly and get a healthy body that is also free from hemorrhoids. (read also: Benefits of Pandan Leaves)

Processing Suji Leaves into Hemorrhoid Medicinal Herbs

You can enjoy suji leaves, which are very rich in benefits, by processing them yourself or maybe looking for herbal products from suji leaves. Buying this ready-made product can not be ascertained its existence. You have to find out in advance whether you can buy medicinal products from suji leaves for hemorrhoids in liquid form that is sold at various pharmacies. If there is, then you can consume it regularly according to the recommended dose. Then what if you want to process this suji leaf concoction yourself? Of course it still can and is still possible to process it. (read also: Benefits of Instruction Leaf)

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The processing of suji leaves into medicinal ingredients for hemorrhoids can be done at home. You only need to follow these steps to be able to feel the benefits, as follows:

  1. First, of course you have to prepare a number of suji leaves. Usually you need to prepare about 3 to 5 suji leaves. If you have, also prepare some water to be boiled water. (read also: Benefits of Arabic Cassava Leaves)
  2. Second, you can start by boiling water and suji leaves in it. Boil until the water boils and changes color.
  3. Third, once the water changes color then you have to wait until the water is reduced by about half. (read also: Benefits of Salam Leaves)
  4. Fourth, after the water is reduced and changes color, turn off the stove that boils the water.
  5. Fifth, strain the cooking water from the previous suji leaf dregs. This filter is done to separate the water that can be consumed. (read also: Benefits of Noni Fruit)
  6. Sixth, cool this filtered water until it is ready to be consumed. Consume this suji leaf boiled water regularly until your hemorrhoids become better in condition.

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That was the information about the benefits of suji leaves for hemorrhoids and how to process suji leaves into hemorrhoid medicinal ingredients. Hopefully this information can be useful for those of you who are currently experiencing hemorrhoid problems. Good luck and hope you get well soon and healthy again!

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