Benefits of Alur Leaves for the Body

Saudea Maritima is the Latin name of one of the types of plants that enter into this grass form. Yes, groove leaf is one type of grass that lives or lives in coastal areas. This groove leaf itself basically has a physical shape that is similar to grass plants and also ferns. Which consists of leaf segments, and lives on the ground like grass and does not have trees.

Leaf groove is a type of grass alias leaves that are commonly found on the coast. In Indonesia, coastal areas, especially the coast of the island of Java, are also quite familiar with this green clump of plants. The groove leaf itself turns out to have several benefits, which are often used by coastal communities to meet their daily needs.

The benefits that are most widely applied to this groove leaf grass plant are as consumption materials. However, it is quite unfortunate, because this groove leaf plant is a type of plant that lives in coastal areas. So it is quite difficult to obtain it if you do not live in a location close to the coast. However, usually people can get this groove leaf from sellers, who live in coastal areas, at relatively affordable prices.

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Contents on Groove Leaves

It is no secret that all leafy plants that can be consumed by humans contain fiber. High or low fiber content does depend on the type of plant itself. However, it is certain that the groove leaf of course also has fiber benefits. However, there is no scientific research that confirms how much fiber content is in groove leaves.

Even so, at least by consuming groove leaves can help to meet the fiber needs in our body in one day. Fiber is indeed one of the important elements in our body, because it can help us in:

  1. Promote digestion in the body
  2. Prevent constipation and also difficult bowel movements
  3. Maintain body metabolism
  4. Helps digest food better
  5. Can maintain weight at optimal levels
  6. Help nourish our body

Well, those are some of the benefits of fiber content in our bodies. Therefore, fiber content is very important for our body, and we should not lack fiber for our daily needs. Also add daily fiber intake with a multivitamin, benefits of fruits and the benefits of vegetables.

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Processed Food with Groove Leaves

Well, as already mentioned, this groove leaf is indeed often used by the community as consumption alias to be eaten, either for certain events or for daily eating needs. One type of food that becomes daily consumption that utilizes this groove leaf as food is the bothk type of food. Yes, botok is one of the typical Javanese dishes, where botok contains a mixture of ingredients, and usually contains tofu, tempeh, anchovies, meat or the like, then steamed using banana leaves, giving rise to a very delicious and delicious taste. In the area of ​​the Java archipelago, botok is quite famous for its preparations using the basic ingredients of groove leaves, which is known as botok groove.

It turns out that making botok from this groove leaf is very easy. Just like how we make bothok in general, namely:

  • mix the existing spices together with the groove leaves to be cooked
  • then wrap everything with banana leaves
  • After being wrapped in banana leaves
  • then then steam the botok package of the groove leaves, then wait until it’s cooked
  • Once cooked, serve bothok warm, with the addition of warm white rice and other additional menus
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Guaranteed, you will definitely be addicted to trying this groove leaf botok. Botok leaf grooves are easy to find in the coastal areas of the island of Java and urban areas on the island of Java, which are located close to the coast of the Java sea.

Unfortunately, although it is a type of leaf or grass that is often used as a raw material for making food, especially botok leaf grooves in the Java area, however, there has been no scientific study that proves the efficacy and benefits of groove leaves for the human body. The health benefits of groove leaf have not been studied much, because it is a type of grass-shaped plant, so it is likely that it has very little properties.

However, who knows with the development of technology and science, later it will be revealed what are the benefits of the groove leaf which is often used as an ingredient for consumption.

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