6 benefits of zinc for the body

6 Benefits of Zinc for the Body

Zinc or often referred to as zinc is one of the important substances that the body needs to support growth. This substance is good for maintaining healthy hair, skin, muscles and various other organs of the human body. In addition, zinc is also a basic ingredient for making collagen in bones. Zinc can be found in various types of foods and supplements which are now widely circulated everywhere.

Meeting the body’s need for zinc has many benefits, namely preventing the occurrence of various health problems such as epilepsy, psoriasis, unbalanced blood sugar levels, impaired sense of smell and skin breakouts. In addition, zinc or zinc also has many other benefits such as:

1. As an antioxidant

Zinc can be used to protect the body from free radical attacks that are harmful to health. Free radicals have now been found everywhere, even one of them is from the air we breathe every day. The presence of free radicals can interfere with organ health so that it can cause even deadly diseases.

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2. Good for the eyes

Eye health that is not maintained can lead to blurry eyes and various other types of disorders. Consuming enough zinc is one of the right solutions for you to nourish your vision. Zinc has the function of synthesizing the benefits of vitamin A by the liver which acts as a guardian of eye health. Amazingly, zinc can also be used to reduce the risk of cataracts and night blindness. Zinc levels in the retina are quite high where its function is to prevent aging of the retina of the eye which can cause night blindness to blindness.

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3. Good for the brain

Zinc or zinc turns out to have an important role in the human brain. Zinc in the brain has a calming function and reduces the effects of oxidative brain damage. When there is only a small amount of zinc or zinc in the brain, brain decline will occur.

4. Healthy for hair

Zinc or zinc is also good for maintaining healthy hair. Zinc plays a role in maintaining the thickness and strength of the hair so that it does not fall out easily and experience thinning. With such an important function for the hair, it is not surprising that zinc is widely found as a mixture of basic ingredients for making shampoo.

5. During pregnancy

During pregnancy, zinc is needed to help the process of developing cells in the baby. Getting enough zinc can help babies to be born perfectly and avoid birth defects. In addition, this one substance is also good for men because it can improve testosterone function and sperm quality.

6. Healthy skin

The benefits of zinc on this one are certainly a craze for everyone, especially for women. Zinc contains antioxidants which are good for skin health. The way this substance works is to remove dead skin cells and replace them with new ones. Zinc levels for skin health are different for each person, because their needs are also different. Another power of zinc on the skin can also be used to accelerate the healing of skin that is injured or even burned. Zinc is also often used as an ingredient in anti-acne creams and skin protection creams.

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Consequences of Zinc Deficiency

There are many consequences of zinc deficiency that have a negative impact on body health, such as:

  • hair fall out easily so hair looks thin
  • loss of appetite
  • sensory disturbances in taste
  • impaired sense of smell
  • easy to get infected
  • slow growth in children
  • wounds that are hard to heal
  • rough skin
  • acne prone face
  • difficulty seeing in the dark

To overcome the deficiency of zinc in the body so as not to experience the above disorders, you can regularly consume various types of foods with lots of zinc content and by multiplying supplements. Basically, types of foods that contain high protein substances generally also contain high zinc or zinc as well. There are a wide variety of foods to be found around that are high in zinc such as:

  • spinach
  • mold
  • garlic
  • dark chocolate
  • crab
  • raw meat
  • nuts
  • oysters as well as many marine animals that have shells
  • egg yolk
  • biji-bijian

Tips for Adequate Zinc Needs

In addition to consuming various types of foods above, there are several things that need to be considered in order to get adequate zinc intake, such as:

  • Limit unhealthy drinks such as alcohol and coffee. Both types of these drinks can increase our desire to urinate and the more we urinate, the more zinc will come out. In addition, consuming coffee, especially if excessive is not good for health.
  • Using formula milk, is good for increasing the amount of zinc in babies.
  • Eating lean meat is one of the best ways to get enough zinc. One source of zinc is from fish benefits.
  • Avoid the cooking process that is too long. Processed foods by roasting, steaming or boiling for too long can reduce the amount of zinc by almost half. To avoid zinc being lost during the cooking process, in addition to cooking for a short time, you can also cook using a little water. Not only zinc, but other nutrients and vitamins contained in a food, will be lost if cooked for a long time.
  • Nuts are one of the right ways to meet the needs of zinc for the body. You can use nuts as a salad while you are eating and remember not to cook them for a long time, so that the zinc contained in it is not dissolved and lost.
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The existence of zinc or zinc substances has been known for a long time and is widely used. Zinc can be used as an ingredient in skin care, anti-dandruff shampoo and as a vitamin and mineral. In the normal adult human body, there are about 2 to 3 grams of zinc which can be found in soft tissues, human organs, bones and cells. The most abundant zinc is in the bones where there are about 90% of the total zinc present. In addition, the greatest zinc is also found in semen and prostate.

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