5 Benefits of Pumpkin Dodol for Health

The pumpkin, which is usually used as an ornament during Halloween, has a fairly large size with a distinctive taste. Pumpkin has been widely used as a vegetable or compote, but maybe you have heard of a food called pumpkin dodol. As the name suggests, dodol pumpkin is a dodol made from pumpkin. The sweet taste of dodol combined with the distinctive taste of pumpkin will produce the distinctive taste of pumpkin dodol.

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Besides being delicious, it turns out that this pumpkin dodol is also very beneficial for health. Dodol pumpkin can now be found in various shops, especially gift shops or you can make your own if you want to eat it. Then what are the benefits of this pumpkin dodol for health? Check out this article.

The benefits of this pumpkin dodol cannot be separated from the benefits of the pumpkin itself. Pumpkin is very good for health because it is rich in nutrients and nutrients for the body. You can meet your vitamin A needs just by eating one cup of pumpkin. In addition, your vitamin C needs will also be met by 20 percent and vitamin E by 10 percent. Various types of other nutrients such as vitamin B6, phosphorus, iron, folic acid and many others are in pumpkin.

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Both pumpkins and processed from pumpkins such as pumpkin lunkhead have health benefits such as the following:

  1. Sharpen vision

The abundant levels of vitamin A in this pumpkin will help sharpen your eyesight. This is because in vitamin A there is beta carotene where beta carotene is a substance that makes pumpkins orange. Beta carotene is very good for the eyes because he is the substance that absorbs and processes light when it enters the retina of the eye. Beta carotene is also a substance that is very essential for the eyes.

The benefits of pumpkin on the eye are not limited to that but are also able to prevent the formation of a layer in the eye that causes cataracts. It is also useful in preventing blindness due to damage to the retina of the eye or commonly known as macular degeneration.

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  1. Regulate blood pressure

Dodol pumpkin can also regulate blood pressure. this is due to the potassium content in pumpkin which is able to control blood pressure so it is very good for those of you who have high blood pressure or hypertension. Other benefits of potassium are able to prevent stroke, prevent the formation of kidney stones, strengthen muscles and bones.

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  1. Make skin more youthful

The beta carotene content in pumpkin can also help protect the skin from harmful sun exposure. Pumpkin that has been used as lunkhead also still contains high beta carotene. Eating pumpkin lunkhead besides being delicious can also protect the skin from ultraviolet rays that can cause wrinkles and dark spots.

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  1. Reduce the risk of cancer

By consuming dodol pumpkin or pumpkin can also reduce the risk of cancer. This is because beta carotene has been shown to reduce the risk of various cancers such as colon cancer, prostate cancer, and lung cancer.

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  1. Increase fertility

Well, for those of you who are having problems with fertility then you can consume pumpkin lunkhead, yes. Vitamin A in pumpkin is often associated with fertility qualities for both men and women.