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Who doesn’t know flour? This flour is one of the popular food ingredients used for the manufacture of various kinds of food. Wheat Flour is one of the food ingredients in the form of white powder or fine granules made from wheat seeds. The word flour comes from the Portuguese ‘trigo’ which means wheat.

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However, you need to know the difference between wheat flour and wheat flour. Wheat flour is made from wheat seeds while wheat flour is made from whole wheat. This makes wheat flour have a smoother texture and higher levels of gluten and elasticity than wheat flour. Gluten is a type of protein found in flour and wheat. Well, based on the gluten content, this flour is divided into high protein flour, medium protein flour and low protein flour.

In its manufacture, wheat flour has gone through many processes, from processing wheat grains into flour and chemical mixing, causing it to lose a lot of nutritional content. Because of this, wheat flour almost does not provide any benefits to the body except the intake of carbohydrates, calories and protein which is gluten itself. This article will discuss about wheat flour and its various benefits. Curious? Let’s see!

Benefits of Wheat Flour by Type

Based on the types, wheat flour has the following benefits.

  1. High protein flour

High protein wheat flour has the highest gluten content, which is in the range of 13%-14% so that it has the ability to bind and trap gases well which makes the dough rise perfectly and the texture is more chewy. However, the drawback is that this type of flour goes stale and moldy so it doesn’t last long.

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This type of flour is suitable for making food dough that requires high elasticity. Some of the foods that can be made from this type of wheat flour include: bread, pasta, donuts, eclairs, white bread, sandwiches, burgers, hot dogs, several types of noodles such as pulled noodles, chicken noodles, yellow noodles, instant noodles, egg noodles. noodle sticks and martabak telot.

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2. Medium protein flour

Medium protein flour has a medium gluten content, which ranges from 11% -12% and is often used as a general purpose flour in food preparation.

Wheat flour with medium protein is very good for food with a soft texture but quite fluffy. Some foods that are suitable to be made from this type of flour include various kinds of cakes such as sponge cake, banana cake, brownies, sponge rolls, sweet bread, waffles, sweet martabak or other wider uses.

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3. Low protein flour

Low protein flour has the lowest gluten content, which is no more than 11% and is very good for making crispy cakes. The advantage is that this type of flour has a longer shelf life due to its low protein content.

This type of flour is used to make foods that do not prioritize volume and elasticity. Some foods that are suitable to be made from low protein wheat flour include pastries and biscuits, as well as bakpia, sponge cake, black forest, chocolate cake, layer Surabaya, swiss roll, layer legit, pancakes, chiffon cake, cookies, egg drop and others. such as for making fried ingredients.

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Other Benefits That Can Be Obtained from Wheat Flour

Apart from being an ingredient for making food, wheat flour has other benefits, namely as follows.

If you get burns, for example when you accidentally get boiling water while cooking, you can use wheat flour to treat the burn problem you are experiencing. The method is quite easy, namely by dipping your burnt hand into the flour for about 10 minutes. As a result, your hands that are immersed in boiling water will not feel sore or red. However, if the burn is not on the hand, you can sprinkle flour on the burn.

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If your kitchen kettles, copper lamps, or other metal workpieces look worn out over time, you can use flour to bring them back to life. The method is quite easy, mix flour with white vinegar and enough salt to form a paste then apply on the items until dry. After that, remove the flour paste flour from the items using a soft cloth.

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If you are in a hurry and your hair feels greasy, you can use wheat flour to overcome this. The method is quite easy, namely sprinkle a little flour on the roots of the hair and comb it until the flour is evenly distributed. This is because the flour can remove the oil in your hair so the hair will not look limp.

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With the right dose, you can use wheat flour as a mask to make your skin look healthier and brighter. The method is quite easy, namely by mixing 2 tablespoons of flour with 1 tablespoon of yogurt and a little turmeric powder to make a mask. Apply the mask on your face and leave it on for 25 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.

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  • Help treat acne

Besides being able to make the skin bright, wheat flour can also be used as a mask to help treat acne. The way is quite young, namely by mixing wheat flour, honey, warm green tea that has been brewed and a few drops of lemon to make a mask. Apply the mask on the pimple and cover it with a plaster overnight, and wash it off the next day.

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Wheat flour can also be used as a scrub to detoxify the skin. The method is quite easy, namely by mixing flour and crushed wine until it becomes a dough that is just right for scrubs. Apply it on the body as a scrub and leave it on for more than 15 minutes, then take a warm shower.

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This is the information we can convey about wheat flour and its various benefits. Thank you for reading this article and I hope it’s helpful!

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