Benefits of Vitamin E for Male and Female Fertility

Since the first many studies that discuss in more detail about the benefits of vitamin E. And the most important benefit of vitamin E for married couples is for fertility. The health of the reproductive system is necessary for a husband and wife to get the offspring they have been waiting for.

In addition to fertility, vitamin E is also beneficial for skin health. This aims to prevent the body from free radical attacks that are not good that can cause premature aging and also wrinkles that appear prematurely on the skin.

Vitamin E for Male Fertility

For fertility for the husband the benefits of vitamin e serves to improve the quality of sperm produced because vitamin E is rich in antioxidants. The way vitamin E works on sperm is by protecting the sperm membrane to avoid oxidation. In fact, the healthier the sperm produced, the more male fertility will increase to have children.

In addition to consuming vitamin E, men should also avoid unhealthy lifestyles such as drinking alcohol and smoking, which can seriously disrupt male fertility.

The benefits of vitamin E for fertility for women is to maintain endocrine hormones that are closely related to fertility for women. Women who experience a good fertile period will soon have children because the health of the reproductive system is helped by the consumption of vitamin E for fertility.

It is better for women to also maintain a healthy lifestyle such as exercising regularly and doing light gymnastics such as walking, gymnastics and swimming.

Source of Vitamin E

Vitamin e is found in some foods and fruits as below:

1. Spinach

This green vegetable also has other colors such as red and brown. Baya contains vitamin E which is good for male and female fertility, therefore spinach can be used as an option as a vegetable that is good for consumption. (Also read: Benefits of red spinach for health)

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2. Almond nut

A type of nuts that also contain vitamin E which provides benefits for the fertility of married couples.

3. Groundnut

Peanuts are nuts that are easy to get and also the price is affordable for everyone. Although the price is cheap, the benefits of peanuts are also not important for the fertility of the reproductive system. Consumption of these nuts should not be excessive because peanuts are also unable to increase the production of excessive oil glands on the face and can cause acne.

4. Pine nuts

This type of nut is a seed from a pine tree that is consumed because it contains vitamin E which is useful for maintaining male and female fertility.

5. Mustard

This vegetable also contains vitamin e and can be cooked half -cooked so that the vitamin e content found in this vegetable is not lost. (Also read: The benefits of mustard greens)

6. Broccoli

The cabbage tribe belongs to a type of vegetable that has a unique shape. Broccoli is widely used as a vegetable for children’s consumption because its unique shape can be made into various forms of healthy food. If you like broccoli then congratulations you just need to continue to consume it as your daily menu. (Bacda also: Benefits of broccoli)

7. Sunflower seed

Ever eaten kuaci? Yes, kuaci is no longer unfamiliar to your ears. These snack packs are sold in almost every corner of the store selling kuaci. And this kuaci is made with the main ingredient, which is sunflower seeds. The old sunflowers on the flowers have a kind of seeds to then be picked and boiled with salt to taste as a flavoring. Sunflower seeds contain vitamin E which is rich in benefits, especially for fertility.

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8. Talas

This taro fruit is widely used as fried food for consumption. But if you want a healthier way then you should try to consume taro by boiling it. Taro is a kind of tuber that grows in the soil. Taro also contains the benefits of vitamin E for fertility

So, those are eight sources of vitamin E ranging from vegetables, nuts to tubers that you can choose and make your daily snack to make your reproductive system healthier.

Benefits of Vitamin E for Health

Not only to increase fertility but the benefits of vitamin E also for health include the following:

1. Immune

The body’s resistance to attack free radicals that are oxidized in the air is important to keep the body healthy and fit in carrying out daily activities. For this reason, many studies recommend that you consume vitamin E in the right dose to maintain immunity from disease.

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2. Skin health

Vitamin E functions to maintain skin health such as producing a better amount of collagen in the skin, maintaining skin moisture. Because moist skin makes the appearance look fresher and attractive to look at. Vitamin E also prevents the appearance of wrinkles and smile lines around your eyes and lips.

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3. Antioxidant

Sources of antioxidants which is natural to fight free radical attack is vitamin E. Free radicals are oxidized a lot in the air which makes skin health disturbed and causes various kinds of problems for skin health. So antioxidant benefits for skin and fertility is important so that your health is safe until old age. Antioxidants are found in many types of vegetables and fruits that can be used as health benefits.

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Actually the human body has a natural source of antioxidants for health that are produced. However, with age, the production of antioxidants is disrupted and is not fully sufficient for the body. So the body needs an external source of antioxidants such as supporting food for daily health

4. Diabetes

The high level of sugar in the blood is one of the causes of diabetes. Diabetes that has been suffered is usually difficult to cure because this disease can sometimes cause complications for other diseases such as kidney and paralysis. Vitamin E can prevent diabetes and treat it naturally as long as it is in accordance with the prescription given by the doctor.

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5. Cancer

The number one deadly disease in the world attacks many young children to elderly parents. Hereditary history is one of the factors that has such a big impact on this disease. Types of cancer are getting more and more and cancer is sometimes too late to be treated because it is only known after reaching an advanced stage. Some types of cancer can be cured with chemotherapy. However, chemotherapy also has a negative impact on hair health because it causes hair to fall out easily. And patients who choose chemotherapy will not have the hair as it used to be.

Vitamin E is useful for preventing cancer in the body because it can inhibit the development of abnormal cells in the body with its antioxidant content.

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Such are the benefits of vitamin E which is engaged in the health sector for prevention and treatment of disease.

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