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The body requires various substances, not just one or two substances, but very many substances needed by the body, one of which is pantothenic acid. Pantothenic acid is another name for one of the B complex vitamins, namely vitamin B5. Pantothenic acid has properties that are easily soluble in water and is a substance that is needed by the body. Lack of pantothenic acid in the body, can cause several health problems. For this reason, it is very important to meet the needs of pantothenic acid in the body, by consuming several types of foods that contain pantothenic acid.

Sources of Pantothenic Acid

Like benefits of vitamin D3, Pantothenic acid is one type of substance that is needed by the body. How to get pantothenic acid to meet the daily needs of the body is also not difficult. Because many foods consumed daily that contain pantothenic acid in them, such as egg yolks, yeast, liver, broccoli, chicken meat, fish, milk, several types of nuts, and avocados. Many foods contain pantothenic acid in them, so maintaining pantothenic acid levels in the body is not difficult.

Pantothenic Acid Benefits

This type of substance which is another name for B5 certainly has many health benefits, because pantothenic acid is needed by the body. It is easily soluble in water, making pantothenic acid also easily absorbed by the body. The benefits of pantothenic acid itself include:

  1. Overcoming Stress

Pantothenic acid has a responsibility to maintain a person’s mental condition so as not to experience stress. The stress experienced in the form of anxiety and depression can be regulated by pantothenic acid so that the mind can return to being fresh. With a fresh mind, the stress experienced can disappear. by nurturing benefits of canaries also able to cope with stress.

  1. Increase Stamina
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Consuming foods that contain pantothenic acid can help increase stamina in the body as well the benefits of brown sugar for stamina. Pantothenic acid helps launch metabolic processes in the body, and reduces fatigue and fatigue in the body, after carrying out various activities.

  1. Increases Hemoglobin Production

Increase the production of hemoglobin in the body usually by utilizing iron. In addition to iron, there is pantothenic acid which also functions as a fuel for cell division, including red blood cells. Similar to iron, pantothenic acid can help the production of hemoglobin.

  1. Maintaining Liver Health

Pantothenic acid protects the liver, which is a very important organ that plays a role in neutralizing toxins in the body. Pantothenic acid helps the liver function by controlling blood pressure and also regulates cholesterol levels in the body. With pantothenic acid content, the liver can work well. You can also add bitter melon benefits for cholesterol.

  1. Boost Immunity

There are many types of food sources that contain pantothenic acid in them. Consuming several types of food is very good for health because foods that contain pantothenic acid can help boost the immune system, so the body will avoid several types of diseases that attack.

  1. Lowering Cholesterol Levels In The Body

Cholesterol is an enemy in the body that is very difficult to fight. The many types of delicious foods that contain cholesterol, sometimes make some people think to keep eating them. If there is a lot of cholesterol in the body, balance the consumption of foods that contain pantothenic acid such as broccoli, milk, chicken, types of nuts and several other foods such as the benefits of celery for cholesterol and honey benefits for cholesterol. that way, cholesterol in the body can be lowered.

  1. Healing Wounds
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Experiencing wounds should not immediately take the drug, but can be done by consuming foods that contain pantothenic acid. As well as the benefits of vitamin Cpantothenic acid and vitamin C can help heal wounds, so wounds can heal faster.

  1. Prevent Infection

The presence of a wound that is not treated immediately or exposed to bacteria can cause an infection, which sometimes can be worse than the previous wound. Pantothenic acid in its job to prevent the wound from being exposed to infection and inflammation that occurs.

  1. Overcoming Acne Problems

The emergence of acne is a scourge for some people who are very concerned about their appearance. Preventing acne and dealing with it is not only by using anti-acne creams. Nutrition from within is also very necessary. Consuming several types of foods that contain pantothenic acid is important to treat acne and prevent it from recurring like bitter gourd benefits for skin.

  1. Lose weight

Diet is usually done when a person feels his weight is too high. A healthy diet is a diet that doesn’t torture yourself by suppressing your appetite. This can even lead to new diseases. Diet is actually easy to do, just by consuming foods that contain pantothenic acid, the weight can be overcome. Pantothenic acid can act as a coenzyme that converts fat into energy, so that the amount of fat in the body can be reduced.

  1. Maintain Eye Health
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Noted that the benefits of vitamin A is a vitamin that plays an important role in maintaining eye health. However, this role of vitamin A will not be effective if there is no help from pantothenic acid to carry out the biochemical synthesis process to optimize the performance of vitamin A to maintain eye health.

  1. Maintain Skin Health

Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid also has an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Pantothenic acid works to help vitamin C and Vitamin E benefits works to maintain healthy skin.

  1. Maintain Hair Health

Hair problems are problems that are often complained of, ranging from hair loss, long hair, dry hair and many more. Consuming foods that contain pantothenic acid and the benefits of used tea become one of the things that must be done by some people who often complain about hair problems. By consuming foods that contain pantothenic acid, hair problems will be resolved.

  1. Stimulates Adrenaline Hormone Production

Adenaline hormone functions to speed up the body’s metabolic processes. Consuming foods that contain pantothenic acid can help stimulate the production of the hormone adrenaline and also stimulate brain function.

Meeting the needs of substances needed by the body, such as pantothenic acid is very important. Stay healthy by consuming healthy foods whose levels are balanced with the body’s needs. With a healthy body, you can live your daily activities better. Hope it is useful . . .

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