6 benefits of soybean powder for health

6 Benefits of Soybean Powder for Health

Soybean is an important commodity that is increasingly in demand by the public. Soybeans can be processed into flour or milk. Products produced from soybeans have a fairly high protein content and natural fiber elements. Soybeans that are processed into soybean powder can be reprocessed into ingredients for making bread and cakes. Soybean powder has many health benefits. Here are the benefits of soy powder:

  1. Heart health

The protein in soy powder has the ability to lower cholesterol levels in the body. Therefore soy powder can maintain heart health by preventing various types of cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks.

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  1. Boost Metabolism

Soybean powder contains natural fiber that dissolves easily to speed up the metabolic process so that calories can be burned into energy faster. This is certainly powerful enough to eliminate unwanted fat so that the ideal body weight is achieved.

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  1. Prevent Cancer

According to several research studies, the nutritional content of soy powder can prevent and protect the body from the development of cancer cells, especially breast cancer and prostate cancer. But the opposite can happen if we consume this soy powder with an excessive number of servings. So always use sufficient portions for maximum results and reduce negative risks.

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  1. Improve Cognitive Function

Other studies have shown that soy powder can improve cognitive function, namely the ability to think optimally, for women under the age of 65. Cognitive function is one of the most important factors to get a quality life. The elements of cognitive function include attention (attention), memory, language (communication), motor (movement), and execution (decision execution).

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  1. Strengthens Bones and Teeth
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Soybean powder contains important minerals such as calcium and also phosphorus which is an important factor for maintaining bone and teeth density. In addition, there are isoflavones that function to minimize damage that occurs to bones such as osteoporosis. Therefore, for the elderly, especially women who are experiencing menopause, soy powder can be a good calcium intake to keep the body from osteoporosis.

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  1. Reduce Wrinkles

Another function of the isoflavone content in soybean powder is to stimulate the formation of collagen which can tighten the skin and reduce the number of wrinkles.

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That’s the benefit of soy powder. Although healthy the use of soy powder must be considered. Do not consume soy powder in excess because it will only cause negative effects for the body. For those who have a soy bean allergy, it is also not recommended to consume it.

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