5 Benefits of Grilled Coconut for Health

What do you look for the most when it’s a hot day and you’re thirsty? Of course a refreshing cold drink. Yes, a variety of fresh drinks spring to mind from juice, iced tea, cendol, ice cream, to young coconut. Among the many types of drinks, young coconut water is one of the favorites of many people to quench thirst and refresh the body. This young coconut water can be drunk directly or added with ice and sweeteners such as milk, honey, or syrup. It was delicious.

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Apart from being delicious and refreshing, consuming young coconut water also brings many health benefits, starting from helping you lose weight, neutralizing toxins, overcoming dehydration, improving digestion, inhibiting the development of free radicals in the body, the health of pregnant women and the fetus they contain, overcoming hair loss, and much more. This is inseparable from the various nutritional content in young coconuts such as minerals in the form of potassium, calcium, phosphorus and iron, protein, fat, vitamin C, and carbohydrates.

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What is Grilled Coconut?

So what happens if young coconuts are burned before consumption? Some of us may still be less familiar with roasted coconut. Usually we only consume young coconut as a drink or use coconut milk squeezed from ripe and old coconut as a cooking ingredient. This roasted coconut is one of the creations of young coconut sellers. Tired of the same kind of merchandise and to attract buyers, young coconut sellers offer roasted young coconut as an option for buyers who want to try something new.

Roasted coconut is young coconut that goes through the process of burning in a stove or other roaster for approximately 3-4 hours until it is certain that the water in it is boiling and the coconut meat is soft and the essence is mixed with coconut water. After going through a long burning process of course this coconut water becomes hot so it needs to be cooled before consumption. Then this coconut water can be drunk immediately. However, sellers of roasted coconut usually add additional ingredients such as milk, honey, or palm sugar to add flavor. Then you can also add eggs and boiled water with spices such as ginger, cloves, cinnamon, kedaung, cardamom, lemongrass, and pandan leaves to add to the benefits.

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How does it feel? According to the connoisseurs, this roasted coconut tastes a little different from ordinary young coconut. What is certain is that the water feels warmer so that it makes the throat and body feel warm. Moreover, with the addition of boiled water with spices such as ginger and lemongrass/lemongrass, it adds to the warmth of this drink’s taste. After drinking it, it is guaranteed that your body will sweat so it is very suitable to be drunk in the afternoon or evening. Then the roasted coconut also has a more savory flesh taste because it has gone through the previous burning process. Overall this drink has a different taste sensation from ordinary young coconut water. In addition, for those who don’t like hot drinks, roasted coconut water can also be added to pieces of ice so that it tastes cooler. For those who want to try something new, this drink is the right choice.

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Benefits of Grilled Coconut

So what are the benefits? Is it as beneficial as young coconut that has not been through the burning process? Because as we know the nutrient content in foodstuffs that go through the process of burning at high temperatures for some time will experience changes or even damage. According to the experience of people who have drunk roasted coconut, it is believed to bring various benefits to the health of the body and they have proven themselves. Among the benefits of consuming roasted coconut are:

  1. Increase endurance

    Drinking roasted coconut water is believed to be able to overcome the condition of the body that is lethargic and weak so that it is excited again and its endurance improves again. Warm roasted coconut water feels absorbed into the body and increases endurance.

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  2. Overcoming colds

    Colds are a very common disease afflicting the people of Indonesia. Why is it said so? Because it is not known in other countries colds. This disease is characterized by symptoms such as fever, flatulence, fatigue, fever, runny nose, frequent drowsiness, nausea, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. Drinking roasted coconut water is also believed to be able to overcome colds. The warm water and the mixture of spice water can warm the body and relieve colds.

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  3. Overcoming diabetes

    Diabetes, also known as diabetes, is a chronic disease caused by the wrong lifestyle. Although heredity also influences, the wrong lifestyle also plays an important role in the onset of diabetes. Diligently drinking roasted coconut water is believed to help overcome diabetes. Of course the presentation is without additional sweeteners such as honey and milk.

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  4. Overcoming kidney stones

    Another disease that can also be overcome by drinking roasted coconut water is kidney stone disease. This disease occurs due to the formation of hard material such as stones in the kidneys which causes a person to feel symptoms of low back pain, bloody urine, or other symptoms. According to the experience of people drinking roasted coconut water it can also shed kidney stones so that the material can be removed from the body.

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  5. Speed ​​up pregnancy

    This drink is also believed to help the occurrence of pregnancy in women who have difficulty conceiving.

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Although the above benefits have not been scientifically proven because there has not been an in-depth research on roasted coconut, the experience of people who have drunk it also cannot be denied. It could also be that the addition of boiled water spices also affects the various benefits of the roasted coconut. Because as we know spices such as red ginger, lemongrass, cinnamon, and so on are rich in various health benefits. So there is no harm in consuming this one drink. It tastes good, warms the body, plus various other benefits as described above.

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If it is difficult to find a seller of roasted coconut, you can also make it yourself at home. Just buy young coconuts at the nearest seller and then put them on the stove at home. Then mix the various ingredients you like, such as milk, honey, and don’t forget the spices. And the roasted coconut is ready to eat.

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