23 Benefits of Ranti Fruit for Body Health

Who has known the fruit of ranti? The fruit which is also known as leunca is usually used as a vegetable for Sundanese people. So do not be surprised, if not many people know about this fruit. But who would have thought, this unknown fruit actually has quite interesting properties. For more details, the following article will discuss the benefits of ranti fruit.

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Ranti at a Glance

Ranti or Leunca (Nicotiana tabacum) is a type of vegetable that belongs to the eggplant group originating from West Asia. Usually, ranti can thrive in the open, such as rice fields, fields and yards.

Ranti plants usually have a height of about 30 to 175 cm and have many branches. The leaves are located alternately, in groups and oval in shape with a tapered tip and base but wavy to flat. The flower of the ranti plant is also a compound flower with 2-10 florets in white or violet.

Ranti fruit itself is round with a diameter of 0.8 to 1 cm with a green color when young and turns purple-black when old. The fruit is in bunches. At first glance, Ranti fruit is shaped like a mangosteen but smaller. When ripe, ranti fruit looks shiny and contains many seeds. Ranti fruit seeds are round and flat, small and white. While the taste of the fruit itself is crunchy and a little bit sour.

As has been said before, ranti fruit is widely used as a vegetable. But it is not uncommon for people to use this fruit as herbal medicine. However, keep in mind that not all ranti fruit can be consumed safely. Ranti fruit that has been ripe and ripe can contain toxins in it, depending on the strain. The type of fruit that can be eaten is ranti that contains low levels of toxins.

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Ranti Fruit Content

Before talking more about ranti fruit, it would be good if we first discuss about the content contained in ranti fruit. Ranti fruit is believed to have many nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, calcium, fat, saponins, DNA and atropine. In addition, there is also the content of glycaloalkaloids solanine, solasonin, solamargin, solasodine, diosgenin, tigogenin, saponins, tannins, fatty oils.

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Benefits of Ranti fruit

Due to the content contained in it, Ranti fruit is believed to have many properties that can be beneficial for the body. The efficacy of this ranti fruit is also said to have been found since 2000 years ago. In order not to misunderstand, here we present the benefits that can be obtained from the consumption of this ranti fruit. The benefits of consuming ranti fruit are as follows.

1. Anti-cancer

Ranti fruit is believed to have anti-cancer properties that can help prevent and cure cancer. This is because this fruit contains nutrients that are good for the health of the body, especially in preventing cancer. For those of you who want to treat cancer in the body, it never hurts to try consuming ranti fruit as a traditional cancer prevention medicine.

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2. Has analgesic ability

Ranti fruit is also believed to have analgesic abilities that can reduce pain and pain. This is because ranti fruit contains compounds that play a role in helping reduce pain due to inflammation and swelling. To help treat pain and pain contained in the body, you can try to consume this one fruit.

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3. Helps prevent inflammation

Still related to benefit number two, ranti fruit can also be useful to help prevent inflammation in the body such as sore throat and mouth inflammation. To get these benefits, you can consume this fruit until the inflammation in your body subsides.

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4. Ulcer medicine

Another benefit of ranti fruit is as a boil medicine. If you have annoying boils, you can use ranti fruit as herbal medicine to relieve skin diseases such as boils. You can get these benefits from the use of ranti fruit and ranti leaves as a topical medication to cure boils.

5. As an antipretic

Ranti can also be useful as an antipretic that can cool and relieve fever in children. To get these benefits from ranti fruit, you can consume ranti fruit by mixing it with other vegetables or boiling it.

6. As a male contraceptive

Ranti fruit is also believed to be a natural contraceptive for men. This is because the consumption of ranti fruit is believed to help reduce sperm production and fertility in men.

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7. As an antibacterial

Ranti fruit can also be useful as an antibacterial that can ward off various kinds of bacteria that can cause various diseases. This is because the content contained in this fruit can provide benefits for you to protect yourself from germs and bacteria that can interfere with body health.

8. Helps prevent thrush

Thrush is one of the disorders that are usually found in the mouth due to a lack of vitamin C intake. Did you know? Consuming ranti fruit can also help prevent canker sores. This is because the content of vitamin C contained in ranti fruit can also be useful as a medicine to prevent canker sores. In addition, consumption of ranti fruit can also help the body to overcome various problems of oral infections.

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9. Helps overcome herpes

If you are exposed to herpes, it would not hurt for you to try consuming Ranti fruit as a traditional medicine to help overcome herpes. The content of compounds contained in ranti fruit is believed to be able to effectively prevent the onset of herpes and the symptoms that arise.

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10. As an antioxidant

Who would have thought that this toxin-containing fruit actually contains antioxidants that are useful for the body. When consumed, the natural antioxidants found in ranti fruit can help fight free radicals that can cause various diseases.

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In addition to the benefits above, there are also other benefits that are no less tempting than consuming ranti fruit. These benefits include the following:

  1. Help nourish the eyes
  2. Help maintain body resistance
  3. Good for bones
  4. Help healthy teeth
  5. As a source of vitamins
  6. Help nourish the skin
  7. Helps shed urine and smooth the urinary tract
  8. Relieves breath and relieves cough
  9. Prevent hypertension
  10. Improve the performance of the liver
  11. Relieve back pain, gout and aches
  12. Help cure rheumatism
  13. Helps fight kidney damage

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How to consume Ranti fruit

Usually, you can consume ranti fruit as fresh vegetables. However, as herbal medicine, or by adding 10 grains of ranti fruit to vegetable juice. In addition, you can boil 20gr of ranti fruit in 800cc of water, the remaining half. Then consume in the morning and evening as much as 1 glass per drink.

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