16 Benefits of Wuluh Starfruit Flowers that are Important to Know

Mothers and young women certainly know with starfruit. This sour-tasting fruit is often used as a cooking spice or as a mixture of herbs. In addition to adding to the taste of the dish, there are many the benefits of star fruit for health and beauty. Not only the fruit, the leaves and flowers of star fruit can also be used as herbal medicine for health and beauty. Specifically in this article, we will discuss the benefits of star fruit flowers for health and beauty. Here are some of them:

1. Treating cough

Consumption of boiled water starfruit flowers is believed to help overcome a disturbing cough. This can be an alternative natural medicine for coughs in addition to other natural remedies such as benefits of bay leaf stew or benefits of kencur rice which is also well known. Starfruit flowers can also be mixed with several other ingredients such as temu giring, cinnamon bark, shallots, saga leaves, spoon leaves, kencur, gotu kola, and inggu leaves to treat coughs.

2. Relieves sore throat

Not only coughing, consumption of boiled water starfruit flowers can also help relieve pain in the throat that is usually felt by people who have a cough. In addition, a sore throat can also be relieved with the benefits of wedang round or banana root benefits.

3. Helps expel phlegm, especially in infants and toddlers

Some coughs are usually accompanied by phlegm and to get rid of it requires extra effort which is quite difficult for babies or toddlers. By consuming a concoction of star fruit flowers, it can help thin phlegm so that it is easier to expel, especially in infants and toddlers. You can also use miana leaf benefits to facilitate the expulsion of sputum from within the throat.

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4. Overcoming asthma and shortness of breath

Other respiratory disorders that can also be overcome by using starfruit flowers are asthma and shortness of breath. Diligently consuming boiled water starfruit flowers mixed with rock sugar 2-3 times a day on a regular basis can help overcome asthma and shortness of breath suffered. In addition, asthma can also be overcome naturally with black cumin benefits or ginger benefits.

5. Treating canker sores

Although it seems trivial, canker sores that appear in the mouth area are quite painful and disturbing comfort. To overcome this, various ready-to-drink drugs are available, such as: cool benefits. However, if you want a more natural way, then consumption of boiled water starfruit flowers can be an option. This boiled water is then used to clean the mouth by gargling or smeared on the affected part of the canker sore.

6. Overcome chapped lips

In addition, boiled water starfruit flowers can also overcome the problem of chapped lips that are often experienced by people with heartburn. There are also other natural ingredients such as manfaat tea tree oil and dried frangipani benefits which is also well used to treat chapped lips.

7. Overcoming bleeding gums

Lack of intake the benefits of vitamin C can cause various diseases, one of which is bleeding gums. To overcome this, of course, an adequate intake of vitamin C is needed. In addition, you can also use natural ingredients such as star fruit flower, the benefits of bidara fruitor the benefits of cecendet fruit to solve this problem.

8. Prevent and treat acne

The herb from starfruit flowers can also be used to treat facial skin problems such as acne. The trick is to pound the flowers, fruit, and leaves of star fruit until smooth. This herb is then used as a face mask. With regular use every morning and night can help prevent and treat acne that is quite annoying. This can be a natural alternative to drugs or ready-to-use products such as acnol benefits and fair and lovely benefits.

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9. Controls oily face

The use of a face mask from the flower of starfruit flower can also control oily face so it doesn’t look shiny and too oily. Besides that, there are benefits of tomatoes for skin beauty which can be used as a face mask which is also useful for controlling oily face.

10. Overcoming tinea versicolor

The herb from starfruit flowers mixed with fruit and leaves can also treat skin diseases such as tinea versicolor. The ingredients of these three ingredients which are crushed by pounding or blending can be directly applied to the affected body parts. With regular use 2-3 times a day, tinea versicolor will gradually disappear.

11. Overcoming ringworm

Another skin disease that can also be treated with the herb starfruit flower is ringworm, a skin disease caused by fungal attacks. This can be a natural alternative to the benefits of asepso soap and the benefits of propolis moment to treat skin diseases such as ringworm.

12. Inhibits the development of free radicals

Starfruit flowers also contain antioxidants which are important to protect the body’s cells from free radical attack. This is similar to the benefits of various other fruits or vegetables such as benefits of red dates, the benefits of dutch sapodillaor benefits of cauliflower.

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13. Prevent premature aging

The antioxidant content in star fruit flowers is also useful for preventing signs of premature aging such as wrinkles on the face so that you will look more youthful. Consumption of star fruit flowers is one of the natural ways to prevent premature aging in addition to the various benefits of other natural ingredients such as barley tea benefits and fennel plant benefits.

14. Promote blood circulation

The benefits of star fruit flowers are also good for blood circulation so that the distribution of oxygen and food essence throughout the body runs smoothly. This allows all cells, tissues, and organs of the body to receive adequate oxygen and nutrients.

15. Control blood sugar levels

The herb starfruit flower is known to control blood sugar levels so that they remain stable and do not increase significantly. Besides, you can also use raspberry juice benefits or okra fruit benefits to control blood sugar levels naturally.

16. Reducing pain due to toothache

Although it cannot treat toothache, the herb starfruit flower can be used to reduce the pain it causes. Besides using this herb, of course, it must be accompanied by the consumption of toothache medicine, either natural or using ready-to-use medicines that are widely available in the market.

Those are some of the benefits of star fruit flowers which are very good for health and beauty. Not inferior to the benefits of wuluh starfruit leaves or star fruit wuluh which is also widely used for treatment. If there is a way that is more natural, cheaper, and has minimal side effects, why use drugs that have a risk of side effects? Let’s live healthy from now on.

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