20 Benefits of Guava Bol for Health

Guava bol has a very soft and dense flesh texture. The guava tree can reach 15 meters with a straight trunk and, low branches. Guava bol is also known by different names in each region such as malay apple in English, nyambu bol in Balinese, guava bolo in Makassar, guava bolu in Bugis, guava darsana in Javanese, kupa maaimu in North Sulawesi and so on.

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Guava bol has a sweet, sour and slightly astringent taste and is usually used as a complement to salads, setups and pickles. The content of guava is also quite complete such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C, carbohydrates, fat, iron, phosphorus, protein and calcium. By consuming guava fruit regularly, you can feel the various uses contained in this fruit as we will review on this occasion.

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  1. Healthy Eyes

Because of the high vitamin A content in this fruit, guava makes the eyes healthier so that vision can be sharper and clearer.

  1. Prevent Osteoporosis

In guava fruit contains iron which will make bones stronger, so you will avoid various bone diseases such as bone loss and osteoporosis.

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  1. Strengthening the Body’s Endurance

A person’s body power will be stronger by consuming guava fruit which contains high vitamin C, so you will avoid various diseases.

  1. Launching the Digestive System

To overcome digestive disorders such as constipation that occurs due to lack of fiber can be obtained in guava because it is high in fiber which will launch the digestive system in the body.

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  1. Reduce Fever

Fever occurs because there is inflammation that occurs in the body so that the body temperature increases which aims to kill bacteria and germs in the body. However, this fever is very disturbing to sufferers of the disease, so that the fever can go down, it can be done by brewing guava fruit with warm water and then drinking it until it runs out.

  1. Prevent Diabetes
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Jambul bol can be a substitute for sugar that is often consumed. The sugar content in this fruit is lower and is sufficient for the sugar needs in the body so that blood sugar levels will remain stable.

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  1. Treating Dysentery

When exposed to dysentery, then do not rush to use drugs that contain chemicals. Take advantage of this fruit to overcome dysentery so that it will not spread because dysentery is a contagious disease.

  1. Caring for the Nervous System

Vitamin B1 in this fruit is very useful for the body such as maintaining the function of the nervous system, carbohydrate metabolism and also maintaining the function of muscles.

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  1. Prevents Premature Aging and Moisturizing Skin

Guava also contains sufficient vitamin D, so it is very useful for maintaining a healthy body and also preventing premature aging and making the skin avoid dryness and dullness so that you can always feel moist and supple skin.

  1. Mouth and Throat Infection Medicine

To overcome infections in the mouth and throat, it can also be done in an easy and certainly delicious way, namely by processing guava bol into a refreshing juice that is drunk regularly until the infection can be completely cured.

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  1. Diet Support

For those of you who are on a diet program, you can consume guava fruit which is high in fiber on a regular basis which will be useful for eliminating cholesterol in the intestines which causes the stomach to bulge.

  1. Improve White Blood Cell Function

Vitamin A contained in guava will improve the function of white blood cells which will act as anti-virus and also antibodies. Consumption of this fruit regularly when you suffer from wounds so that it can be healed faster and various other diseases that require white blood cells to kill various bacteria and germs that cause disease.

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  1. Facilitate Oxygen Circulation

The iron contained in guava is also useful for circulating oxygen in red blood cells and various other body cells.

  1. Improve Brain Function

Brain function can work optimally with sufficient oxygen levels in the bloodstream. With the iron content in guava, it helps the function of the brain to meet oxygen needs which will increase thinking power, increase concentration, increase the sensitivity system of each brain system in carrying out commands and functions.

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  1. Help Formation of Protein

So that protein synthesis can be improved, the body needs phosphorus which you can take by consuming guava fruit regularly. This protein synthesis will later build body tissues, repair damaged tissues and also help the reproductive process.

  1. Protects Mucous Membrane

The content of vitamin B1 in guava fruit will also protect the mucous membranes. This mucous membrane has a duty to protect the body from various foreign microorganisms that cause infection. Some parts of the body that will be protected by mucous membranes are the lungs, nose and eyelids.

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  1. Improve Skin Texture

Vitamin C in this fruit is needed for the vascular system so that it is healthier. Small blood vessels at the bottom of the skin will flow oxygen and nutrients so that the skin can always be healthy, improve skin texture and also prevent the skin from becoming dry and dull.

  1. Nourishes Hair

The content of vitamin C in guava is also useful for strengthening hair roots so that they can grow strong. In addition, guava bol is also useful for preventing hair from becoming dry and branched.

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  1. Remove Dandruff

Hair follicles are often clogged with flaky and dry dead skin like dandruff. These hair follicles will be damaged quickly if not treated immediately and inhibit hair growth. By consuming guava regularly, the vitamin C in it will fight the bacteria on the scalp.

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  1. Overcoming Menstrual Pain

Especially for you women, be diligent in consuming guava fruit when your period comes. The high calcium content in this fruit is a natural powerful way to avoid the pain that arises due to menstruation.

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By knowing the benefits of this guava, we hope you are more diligent in consuming this one fruit. Various useful content in it is not only useful for fighting various diseases, but also maintaining healthy skin, bones and teeth.

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