6 Benefits of running a turn or Zig Zag

There are various types of sports. There are gymnastics, running sports, healthy walking, aerobic sports and so on. Even running, there are several types of running, there are jogging, sprinting, leisurely running, sprinting, zig zag running and so on.

Usually in the running material in every lesson at school there is one run, namely the zig zag run. This run is usually done before the theme of the sport is football. Why is that ? see the following explanation why during soccer sports a zig zag run warm-up is needed. This is because

1. Zig zag running helps agility

By running zig zag then they will train agility in running. Because zig zag running requires high concentration so as not to hit the boundaries that have been given in front of him.

Zig zag running is usually done by giving a start sign at the beginning, then setting up a barrier of 10-15 barriers, depending on the desire during practice. Give a space for each delimiter. Between meters to 1.5 meters.

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Usually for soccer training, the first zig zag run will be done only in a zig zag run, but for the second and third it is done by dribbling so that it will certainly provide agility and agility in dribbling the ball.

2. Zig zag running helps strengthen leg muscles

For soccer players, of course, this is necessary, because dexterity in playing soccer lies in the feet. Therefore making the leg muscles tight is important. Continuing to practice this zig zag run will help to strengthen your leg muscles and give your feet agility. Zig zag running can help strengthen leg muscles because in this running it helps to train speed in running.

3. Overcoming heart disease

Of course for those who are diligent in doing sports will avoid the name of heart disease. Heart disease occurs when the muscles in the heart are weak so that the heart needs a lot of strength to work. Unlike the case with the heart muscle which is always strong. This will have a positive impact on the heart because the heart does not need to work hard because the heart muscles are strong. So that in carrying out activities will be easier.

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4. Practice breathing

A healthy heart will have a positive effect on breathing as well. Basically any type of exercise can help to regulate breathing so that the breath will become longer. Shortness of breath is very disturbing as a result so that the breath can become shortness of breath.

Unlike the case with those who like to exercise, those who like to exercise will get freshness in the body and get healthy breathing.

5. Burn Calories

Calorie Benefits much needed by the body, but too many calories in the body can cause disease. One of them is trigeselida. Triglycerides are fats in the blood that come from unused calories so they break down into fat. These fats are called triglycerides. This blood fat has a bad impact if it is not immediately cured. For this reason, the activity of burning calories is needed so that health is well maintained and avoids several types of diseases.

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6. Burn fat in the body

Fat in the body will be easily burned by running zig zag or turning turns because running like this requires a lot of energy.

That’s the benefit that will be obtained from doing a zig zag run correctly. Indeed, for athletes, strength in the legs is needed. So practicing zig zag, jogging, or sprinting in every sport will have a good effect on the body. (benefits of fat for the body)

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