6 Benefits of Biotin for the Body

Biotin is one type of vitamin that is important for health. Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is actually a water-soluble B vitamin. Biotin not only plays a role in the metabolic process of non-carbohydrate carbon substrates or gluconeogenesis which helps the formation of glucose, but is also used as a type of vitamin that can increase the immune system so that it does not get sick easily. Biotin is not only produced by bacteria in the intestines, but can also be obtained from various types of food.

Not only found in various types of food, but biotin can also be found in the form of vitamin supplements with doses of 10 mcg, 50 mcg and 100 mcg. The benefits of biotin for the health of the body include:

1. Good for hair

The benefits of biotin can also be relied upon in improving the health of our hair. The use of biotin can prevent the occurrence of hair loss that is often experienced by many people. In addition, biotin is also great for stimulating new hair growth. Not only that, but biotin can also treat premature white hair, oily hair, unhealthy hair or dry hair. No wonder now there are so many hair health products that use biotin as one of the ingredients for making their products.

Pregnant hair protein benefits which is then assisted by biotin in carrying out metabolism. This allows for hair loss to form again and prevents the loss of hair from coming back which can lead to thinning or even baldness.

2. As energy metabolism

The energy produced by the body to move and carry out daily activities is the result of metabolism from within the body. When the food we eat enters the body, biotin converts it into simple sugars or glucose. Sugar is fuel for the body so that it can carry out various activities every day. The more active, the performance of biotin will increase. When only a small amount of biotin is produced by the body, the body will feel tired. This is usually caused by the strenuous activity being carried out.

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When you are not doing activities, most of you will feel sleepy after eating until you are full. This happens because the food consumed is not processed into energy and is only stored in the body. This causes the body’s performance to decrease.

Other energy sources are also obtained from:

3. To lose weight

Biotin has a very close relationship with metabolism in the body. When you are overweight, fat and protein that enter the body are not fully used as energy. To overcome this, the body needs biotin which is used to convert the food you eat into energy.

That way, when you are doing activities or while exercising your body will not easily feel tired. The fat, protein or carbohydrates you consume will be converted into energy which then forms good muscle.

4. For nail growth

Not only good for hair but biotin is also good for nail growth. Nails can be healthier and better when biotin is consumed regularly every day. There have been many cases due to lack of biotin being absorbed, so the nails become easily broken and stunted growth. Nails are healthy and strong, will not interfere with the activities we are doing and free from brittleness.

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Not only found in the food we consume daily, but biotin for nail growth has also been found in many nail care products.

5. Regulate blood sugar levels

For those who are suffering from diabetes or diabetes, consuming vitamin B7 or biotin is the right thing for you. Consuming biotin at the right level can help reduce blood sugar levels.

Other herbs to lower sugar levels are:

6. Good for forming blood cells and bone marrow

Biotin was also good used to form red blood cells in the bone marrow. Optimal circulation or turnover of red blood cells in the body can help maintain the balance of red blood cells.

Types of Foods Containing Biotin

There are many types of foods that contain biotin such as:

Did you know if it turns out that in one slice of whole wheat bread, there is at least 0.2 to 6 mcg of biotin content? The biotin content present in benefits of whole wheat bread Of course it depends on the brand of bread you buy. If you need foods that can meet your daily biotin needs, you should consume whole wheat bread that contains 100% wheat benefits pure.

It should be noted that eggs are one of the foods that contain a lot of biotin egg yolk benefits but does not apply to the white part of the egg. If you want the biotin content in eggs, you should separate the yolks from the egg whites that you will consume.

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Carrots are known as one of the vegetables that are good for the eyes. But not only that, carrot benefits it also contains biotin which is good for health.

  • Goat’s milk and cow’s milk

The content of biotin in both types of milk is quite a lot. Not only biotin but cow’s and goat’s milk also contains a lot of calcium benefits which is good for bone health.

Cheese is one of the popular dairy products. Cheese itself is a favorite food of Europeans and Americans. In consuming cheese, you can add salad and bread so that the biotin intake that is absorbed into the body is more complete.

Consuming 3 ounces of liver will be enough to meet the daily needs of biotin in the body. The benefits of biotin in the liver itself are around 27 to 35 mcg. Liver meat that contains biotin is at benefits of salmon and halibut.

Soybean is one type of legume that is favored by the people of Indonesia. In 100 grams of soybeans contain as much as 60 mcg of biotin. But unfortunately, dairy products that are processed from soybean benefits does not contain biotin. If you like to consume milk, you should choose goat’s milk or cow’s milk to drink considering that it contains a lot of biotin. Not only soybeans, but other types of beans also contain a lot of biotin such as benefits of almonds and walnuts. Amazingly, almonds and walnuts also contain omega 3.

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