4 Benefits of Rujak for Diet We Should Know

Who doesn’t know rujak? Or who is not a fan of this one food? Yup, salad is one of the healthiest foods and of course it gives us many benefits – especially for health problems. Rujak is a typical Indonesian “fruit salad” accompanied by a sweet and spicy chili sauce and the level of spiciness can be adjusted according to taste. Rujak in Indonesia has many variants and this is a characteristic of each region and becomes something to be missed when we return to visit the place and order rujak again.

The benefits that salad gives us are of course very many, considering the many fruits contained in it which and of course this makes us healthier. Some of the fruits that we usually find in salads include pineapple, cucumber, yam, mango, kedondong, guava, star fruit, and others. Did you know that we can also use rujak as a healthy diet method? Wow is that right? Yup, one plate of salad contains 228 calories and of course contains various other positive substances, such as 15.5 grams of fat, 14.5 carbohydrates, and 7.6 protein. Quite filling and can be used as one of our diet ingredients, right?

It is undeniable that this rujak diet has recently become a favorite for those who are dieting crazy. This diet is even considered healthier than a strict diet and we often suffer from it because we have to avoid certain types of food. Of course this is very different from the rujak diet, where we can enjoy various kinds of fruit and chili sauce – which of course is healthier if we reduce the amount of sugar. In addition to the salad diet, we can also try Chinese tea benefits for diet and red blood test benefits which of course is also healthy.

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Well on this occasion, we will discuss the benefits of rujak for diet. Wow, what do you think? Instead of getting curious, let’s look at this one!

1. Increase the body’s immune power

The strength of the immune system is very important for us and we can get this from various natural ingredients. The high content of anti-oxidants in various fruits in this salad is very effective in warding off free radicals and increasing the body’s immune system. In addition, the rich vitamin C that we can get from salad also serves to stimulate the activity of white blood cells and functions as an antioxidant. The immune system itself functions to minimize various diseases, from mild to serious, such as preventing flu, anemia, tuberculosis, and even cancer.

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2. Streamlining digestion

Who is not foreign to this disease? Yup, some of us must have experienced it, whether in normal or bad. However, this time we don’t need to worry about the right solution to this problem because the salad diet can handle it. How come? Yup, the high alkaline content in rujak is very effective for overcoming this digestive disorder. Not only alkaline content, we also get high fiber content from rujak and this is very beneficial for our health as we know earlier in fiber benefits.

3. Prevent heart disease

This disease is a scourge for us, and unfortunately until now there has not been found a truly efficacious drug to cure this disease. But don’t worry, we can minimize the risk of getting this disease by doing a salad diet. How come? By regularly consuming rujak, this means that we get a high intake of potassium, where this serves to keep the heart rate stable and under control.

4. Maintain facial beauty

Who doesn’t want to look beautiful? Surely some of us want to look perfect aka beautiful and this we can get by doing various treatments on the face, of course with various methods. Not infrequently of us who are lazy to do facial treatments because of the high costs we need or require a lot of time so we have to set aside our time in a day. We can also maintain the health of our skin by using various natural ingredients, as we know in the benefits of stale tea for the face or on pineapple benefits for face.

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We can also maintain facial beauty by doing this salad diet. How come? The high content of vitamin C that we get from various fruits in rujak is very good for our skin health because it can keep away the signs of premature aging, such as preventing wrinkles and brightening the skin. In addition, the high collagen that we get also serves to tighten facial skin.

So, those were some of the benefits of rujak for a diet that are certainly very useful for keeping us healthy. So, are you still lazy to start this healthy habit? Surely not right? Let’s start a healthier lifestyle from now on.