9 Benefits of Dried Ciplukan Leaves for Herbal Solutions

Ciplukan leaf or also known as cecendet, kopok kopokan or lapunonat is a wild plant that also has many health benefits. Ciplukan fruit that usually grows in rice fields has several types of important nutrients such as vitamin C, fisalin, sugar, tannins, malic acid, citric acid, chlorogenic acid and also alkaloids. While the seeds contain glycosides stearic acid, palmitic acid and also protein and for ciplukan leaves contain flavonoid glycosides and various other nutritional content. For this review, we will explain some of the benefits of dried ciplukan leaves for health and also cure diseases.

  1. Preventing the Development of Cancer Cells

The leaves and dried ciplukan fruit also contain steroids where these substances are very effective as a medicine cancer solution. In a study revealed that dried ciplukan leaf extract is also useful for reducing the size of tumors.

  1. Overcoming Ulcers

To treat ulcers, dried ciplukan leaves can also be used to help the wound healing process faster. Take a handful of ciplukan leaves then puree together with 2 tablespoons of whiting water until soft and rub it on the ulcers that are replaced periodically.

  1. Overcoming Heart Disease

Ciplukan leaves can also be used to treat various problems or diseases heart. For how to consume this leaf, you can do this by smoothing a few ciplukan leaves into juice without any additional mixture and drinking it regularly.

  1. Cure Canker sores

Canker sores that really interfere with various oral activities such as eating and talking can occur because the body lacks vitamin C. To overcome this disease, you can also drink boiled water from dried ciplukan leaves or you can also consume ciplukan fruit which is high in inflammation. the benefits of vitamin C experience.

  1. Treating Diabetes
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Diabetes or often referred to as diabetes will be very dangerous if left unchecked. To treat diabetes, besides being able to use fruit, roots and stems, dried ciplukan leaves can also be used to treat diabetes diabetes namely by drinking boiled water ciplukan leaves regularly as much as 3 times a day until blood sugar levels stabilize again.

  1. Preventing Wet Lungs

Another benefit that can be obtained by consuming dried ciplukan leaves is to prevent wet lung disease and also prevent the disease from recurring. Water decoction of dried ciplukan leaves can be drunk regularly every day to reduce the risk of recurrence of wet lung.

  1. Overcoming Whooping Cough

Whooping cough or pertussis can not only be treated with some pharmacies, but dried ciplukan leaves can also be used as a remedy. cough solution whooping is by drinking the boiled water of the leaves regularly.

  1. Treating and Preventing Asthma

Besides being able to be used to prevent wet lungs, dried ciplukan leaves can also be used to treat dry respiratory disorders, namely treating and curing asthma. You can boil the dried ciplukan leaves along with the stems to be consumed regularly so that the respiratory disorders do not recur.

  1. Body Detoxification

The use of ciplukan leaves can also provide detox benefits to remove various harmful toxins in the body that come from contaminated food, drugs and also pollutants that are absorbed into the body.

In addition to the fruit, stem and roots, it turns out that there are also many benefits of dried ciplukan leaves and fresh ciplukan leaves that can be used to cure various diseases ranging from mild to chronic diseases. Make sure you consume this leaf extract to help speed up the healing process but do not be consumed in the long term so as not to cause side effects to the body.

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