Benefits of Saga Leaves for the Easiest Stomach

The efficacy of herbs from plants is still an alternative treatment by some people. Plant benefits for humans can be taken from all parts, from flowers to roots can be processed into herbal medicine. One of the herbs that come from plants is the saga tree. Saga trees usually grow wild in forests or gardens by creeping on the host. This wild tree can be used as an herbal treatment for various types of diseases. To make herbal medicine from the saga tree, you can use the leaves or roots of the saga.

If previously discussed about papaya benefits for stomach acid, this time we will discuss about one of the benefits of saga leaves for health, namely as an herbal medicine to treat stomach disorders. The benefits of saga leaves for the stomach can overcome gastric problems, for example, such as curing ulcer disease or dealing with stomach acid. Some of the content contained in saga leaves include:

  • Rich in vitamins A, B1, B6 and C.
  • Contains calcium oxalate, pentosan, flisrizinate, glycirizine and polygalacturomic.
  • Contains flavonoid antioxidants and saponins.
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Stomach pain, such as ulcers or stomach acid, can cause several symptoms in sufferers. Some stomach pains can occur due to several things such as stress, bacterial infections, wounds that arise in the lining of the stomach or because of the side effects of using inflammatory drugs. If the stomach hurts, usually the patient will feel nauseous, vomit, feel hungry, feel hot like burning in the stomach. In addition to being able to use saga leaves, the symptoms that arise can also be overcome, one of them by using the benefits of lime for heartburn.

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How to use the benefits of saga leaves for the stomach is to make herbal ingredients from saga leaves. The steps to make it are very easy, the way is:

  1. Prepare 1 handful of saga leaves and 1 turmeric rhizome.
  2. Peel the turmeric, then wash the two ingredients with water until completely clean.
  3. After the turmeric is clean, the turmeric is coarsely ground before being processed.
  4. Put the pounded saga leaves and turmeric into 3 glasses of water.
  5. Boil and simmer until the water remains about 1 cup only.
  6. Finally, strain the ingredients before consumption.
  7. Drink this concoction regularly a glass 2 times a day, in the morning and evening.

So, to make a concoction of saga leaves as a stomach treatment combined with benefits of turmeric for stomach. For more optimal results when consuming this saga leaf herb, it should also be balanced with the consumption of fruits and vegetables and avoid eating fatty foods. Saga leaves can not only be used to treat stomach disorders. However, it can also be used as a traditional medicine to treat canker sores, tonsillitis, coughs, inflammation of the eyes and several other diseases.

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Although saga leaves have benefits as herbal remedies, they must be used very carefully. To make herbal ingredients from saga leaves, you should pay attention not to mix them with saga seeds. This is because saga seeds contain a poison called abrin, so they cannot be used as treatment or healing. Thus a review of the benefits of saga leaves for the stomach and how to make traditional herbal ingredients from saga leaves. Very easy and can be tried to treat your stomach problems. Good luck and hopefully useful.

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