Benefits of Ginger and Garlic for Treatment to Stamina

Garlic and ginger are two herbs that have many therapeutic uses as well as lesser known health benefits apart from being more commonly used in the kitchen. These two ingredients have been studied for their effectiveness in fighting infections, treating cancer and reducing inflammation and many other uses. Ginger has been used as a spice and medicine for more than 500 years and is used to cure plague and some minor ailments from flu, colds to rheumatoid arthritis and so on. While the restorative function of garlic has been used by the ancient Egyptians to increase stamina and treat various types of diseases. Then, what exactly ginger benefits and whole garlic?. Here we summarize the answer for you.

  1. Antiseptic for Wounds

Garlic has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties so it can be applied directly to the skin to treat fungal infections such as ringworm, itching and other skin problems. The University of Maryland Medical Center also noted that garlic has been used since the two world wars to prevent infection. Meanwhile, according to a 2010 study, it was proven that ginger has very high anti-bacterial power compared to three antibiotics for two common strains of staph infections at once. speed up the healing process wound.

  1. As Anti-Inflammatory

Garlic and ginger are considered to be very strong anti-inflammatory sources. Ginger is often used to treat arthritis and other diseases characterized by inflammation. Meanwhile, a 2013 study also showed that allicin, the active substance in garlic, can be used to treat chronic inflammatory diseases as well reduce pain which is posed.

  1. Overcoming Cancer
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The National Cancer Institute says if garlic is useful for cancer solution in several ways including strong antibacterial properties to stop cancer-causing substances as well as DNA repair. Meanwhile, The American Cancer Society proves that the allyl sulfur compound in garlic is very important to fight cancer cells.

  1. Good for Digestion

Ginger can aid digestion by controlling high sugar levels to ensure digestion is working as it should. While ginger can soothe digestion while ensuring it can work normally. For this reason, these two ingredients are very well used to treat various digestive problems such as stomach irritation, gastric solution and other digestive problems.

  1. Reduce Blood Clotting

The benefits of single garlic and red ginger both have medicinal characteristics that can reduce blood clotting. Ginger has been shown to reduce the production of thromboxane by up to 60%, which is a powerful blood clotting stimulant. While garlic can also induce blood vessels to increase, reduce blood pressure and also prevent blood from clotting.

  1. Cure Diarrhea
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Diarrhea can be treated with garlic and ginger which can reduce the symptoms of the disease. Ginger can overcome gas in the stomach and spasms while garlic can kill all harmful bacteria in the intestines so that it becomes a combination diarrhea solution very good without causing side effects.

  1. Improve Sexual Function

In general, ginger is very good for increasing blood circulation so it can increase stimulation in men and is included in the list of aphrodisiacs that have been proven in research to increase sexual desire. Temporary benefits of drinking garlic It has been used for centuries as an aphrodisiac and is known to increase stamina and libido. For this reason, both garlic and ginger are believed to be able to help with impotence problems and other sexual treatments.

  1. Overcoming Respiratory Diseases

Ginger and garlic have natural, anti-bacterial characteristics and also the ability to reduce blockages and loosen mucus. For this reason, the combination of these two spices can relieve sore throat, overcome congestion in the nose as well as loosen phlegm. Garlic is also considered an antibiotic and is often recommended as a natural cold and flu remedy benefits of garlic for the ears.

  1. Relieve Symptoms of Motion Sickness

Ginger can help reduce symptoms of motion sickness such as nausea and vomiting, headache, cold sweats, excessive saliva production, abdominal pain and vertigo. Meanwhile, ginger is a safe alternative to drugs to treat the symptoms of motion sickness.

  1. Overcoming Bacterial and Fungal Infections
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Crushed garlic produces allicin, a natural antibiotic sulfur compound. During the first world war, crushed garlic was used to treat infected wounds. While ginger is source of antioxidants The high content of garlic with garlic can overcome bacterial and fungal infections that attack the body.

  1. Diabetes Treatment

Ginger is very good consumed to lower blood sugar levels. just by drinking one tablespoon of ginger juice mixed with 1 glass of water in the morning is good enough to control the patient’s blood sugar diabetes. While garlic can also control blood sugar because it can strengthen insulin levels in the blood so that it can control diabetes.

  1. Overcoming Headaches

The effectiveness of ginger and garlic has been proven to be good for headaches by reducing the severity and speeding up the healing process and blocking prostaglandins, chemicals that can induce inflammation in the blood vessels of the brain. In addition, ginger is also very good consumed to overcome colds, bronchial and nasal congestion. Gingerol compounds are also a natural cough solution that will make it easier for sufferers to breathe.

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