5 Benefits of Young Noni for Health

Who does not know the noni fruit? Fruit that has a bad taste and unpleasant aroma is known to be very beneficial for health. There are many the benefits of noni fruit which can be obtained ranging from overcoming headaches, improving digestion, overcoming diabetes, to preventing cancer. This fruit, which has the Latin name Morinda citrifolia, comes from Southeast Asia, so it is not surprising that it is very easy to find in our country.

This fruit has various calls in several regions such as pace, keumeudee, cangkudu, Tibah, kudu, and kemudu. If one of these names is mentioned, it means the noni fruit. This fruit is rarely eaten directly like other fruits because of its unpleasant aroma and taste. In the Aceh area, noni is usually processed as a vegetable or rujak. He is better known as a medicinal plant that is efficacious to overcome various diseases.

Noni can be identified from its compound and oval-shaped fruit with parted and speckled skin. Young noni fruit is green and when it begins to ripen it will be yellowish until finally pale white. The benefits of young noni are not only in the fruit but there are also benefits of young noni leaves which is very good for health.

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These various benefits can be obtained because of the very diverse nutritional content of noni plants including: protein benefits, vitamins, some minerals such as selenium, as well as compounds important for the body such as xeronine, alizarin, arginine, terpenoids, antibacterial, anticancer, and proxeronine. With various nutritional content and important compounds, there are many benefits of young noni for health including:

1. Lowering LDL or bad cholesterol

There are 2 types of cholesterol in the body, namely HDL or good cholesterol and LDL or bad cholesterol. Diligently eating young noni fruit can lower LDL levels in the blood so that blood flow becomes smooth and the body avoids various dangerous diseases. LDL levels in the blood can also be lowered by dragon fruit benefits for cholesterol and Benefits of Moringa leaves for cholesterol.

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2. Prevent hypertension

Diligently consuming young noni can also prevent you from developing hypertension or high blood pressure. Moreover, this disease is very difficult to detect because the symptoms are not very clear, so it is better to be diligent in eating healthy foods than already exposed to the disease. Hypertension can also be prevented by cucumber benefits for hypertension and the benefits of star fruit for hypertension.

3. Avoid strokes

Another benefit of young noni is that it can prevent you from having a stroke. Consumption of young noni can improve blood flow from possible materials that can clog it so that blood flow throughout the body including the brain becomes smooth and avoids strokes caused by the interruption of blood flow to the brain. Strokes can also be avoided by stingray benefits and melon fruit benefits.

4. Minimize heart disease

Heart disease is a dangerous disease because it attacks vital organs in the body. Again, mostly caused by blockage of blood flow so that blood flow to and from the heart does not flow smoothly. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consume young noni because it can help improve blood circulation so as to minimize heart disease. A healthy heart and avoid disease can also be obtained with benefits of dried breadfruit leaves and Avocado benefits for the heart.

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5. Overcoming liver disease

Another disease that can also be overcome by consuming young noni is liver disease. The liver is a vital organ whose duties cannot be replaced by other organs so it is very important for us to maintain its health. Liver health can also be obtained by benefits of lemon for liver or liver.

That is among the benefits of young noni for health in preventing various dangerous diseases. Young noni fruit is usually processed by chopping, blending, or grinding until smooth then filtered and the water is taken to drink. Although the taste and smell are unpleasant, there are various health benefits that can be obtained by consuming this fruit.

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