5 Benefits of Sprint Running for the Body

Sprint running, also known as sprinting, is any type of running race where you run at maximum speed over a predetermined distance. The distance in a sprint or sprint is usually up to a distance of 400 meters. However, there are some sprints that use distances of 100 meters, 200 meters, 300 meters and 400 meters. One type of sprint running is a short distance run or what is commonly referred to as a sprint race. This short-distance race has been held since ancient times when the ancient Olympics were first held in Greece.

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The most famous of these sprints or sprints is the 100 meter distance run. Usually this race is held on the outskirts of the outdoor field track. In athletics, the 100-meter sprint race is the most prestigious among all other types of athletics. the winners of the 100 meter distance race are usually called the fastest humans in the world.

Benefits of sprinting

Exercise is indeed very good for the body and health, and sprinting is no exception. Sprinting with jogging or running is usually not the same thing because sprinting is a way of running that is done as fast as you can. In sprint running, there is only running without any other technique. There are several reasons why sprinting is good for your health:

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1. Increase growth

By doing sprints or sprinting can help increase the growth hormone carried out by the pituitary gland in the body temporarily. Although temporary but if done regularly can help optimize bone growth better.

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2. Strengthen bones

Sprinting is one of the best ways to make bones strong and less stressful. Therefore, sprint athletes usually have very strong bones.

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3. Burn fat

If you want to burn more fat then you can use this sprint exercise. Sprinting is more effective at burning fat than jogging or running slowly. A study shows that sprinting for an hour can burn more fat than jogging for a day. This result has been proven by doing sprint running regularly every day can lose weight as much as 2 kilos.

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4. Build muscle

Sprint running is one of the most recommended types of exercise for those of you who want to build muscle and really care about your muscles. Doing sprints will make your muscle mass more ideal. But if you combine it with swimming, aerobics and other sports the results will be more optimal in building muscle.

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5. Increase movement speed

For athletes who need speed in their movements such as soccer athletes, sprint training is a must do. By doing this sprint running exercise, soccer players can improve their ability to keep running fast but still focus on the ball they are dribbling. So for those of you who want to become a professional soccer player, don’t forget to do sprint training from an early age.

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How to Start Sprinting

Because these benefits are very good for bones and growth, you should do sprints. How do you get started even if you’re not an athlete? The following is a guide to starting a sprint run that you can try.

  • The first way is that you should find a place that has a straight path and is safe from sudden movements of people around him. Sprinting can be done on sand, grass or asphalt.
  • Set a starting point and an end point. Measure about a distance of about 40 meters for a start.
  • Then all you have to do is warm up so that the muscles do not experience tension. You have to start running as fast as you can to get to the end point.
  • Do it back and forth at least 4 times to get maximum training results. if you feel tired and feel out of breath do not sit immediately but continue the exercise try as many as 4 times you do not rest.
  • If you are used to running for 4 laps then add a little at a time to keep the practice going.
  • But the best thing is to do a sprint run for 5 laps every day. Do not increase the exercise because it may cause injury.
  • Do it every day to optimize your growth hormone
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Thus a review of the benefits of sprinting for health and body. The thing to remember and pay attention to from this sprint running exercise is to try to warm up first to avoid muscle injury. Don’t forget to increase your practice skills gradually.

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