12 Benefits of Lerak Fruit for Washing

135f6ee1 buah lerak asli surabayaFor most of today’s society, including you, you may rarely find and even hear of one type of fruit on this one. In contrast to other types of fruit in general, which have a consumption value with a fresh and delicious taste, it is different if you look at it benefits of langsat fruit for diet, this fruit actually has no consumption value to eat. This fruit tends to be used in various textile or handicraft industries. Lerak fruit or commonly called lerek in Java, is one type of fruit obtained from the lerak tree.

Lerak fruit has a scientific name sipindus rak, The lerak tree itself has an average height of about 10 cm when cultivated, but in the wild it can reach a height of 42 m with a diameter of 1 m. The large and thick wood lerak tree has wood quality that is equivalent to teak wood and has a high economic value, so it is not surprising that lerak wood is also widely used as the basic material for making furniture. The leaf shape of the lerak tree resembles an oval shape but is slightly flat, has short stems and is green in color. The lerak seed itself is wrapped in a skin that is quite hard and round like a marble, when it is ripe enough, the color will turn blackish brown with a smooth and shiny fruit surface.

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The seeds are round and black in color which is commonly used by many people. In addition, the flesh of the lerak fruit has a slightly slimy texture but when rubbed will give off a distinctive fragrant aroma. With this texture and aroma, lerak fruit has many benefits. For those of you who are curious about what are the benefits of the different lerak fruit with benefits of soursop leaves for the hearthere we convey clearly and in detail.

Benefits of Lerak Fruit

  1. Washing Batik

One of the main uses of lerak fruit is to wash batik cloth, especially freshly finished batik cloth. There are so many batik industries that are quite famous for maintaining the quality of their fabrics, washing batik using lerak fruit.

  1. Facial Soap

It has been known for a long time that apart from being used for washing batik cloth, lerak fruit can also be used for facial soap. With natural ingredients, besides being more environmentally friendly, it can also make your face brighter.

  1. Insect Repellent

The content of saponins in lerak fruit and various other ingredients can also be used as an environmentally friendly insect repellent. It’s different if you use pesticides it’s different if you look benefits of basil leaves for vaginal dischargelerak fruit will not harm your health in its use.

  1. Brighten Fabric Color
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Besides being able to maintain the durability of batik cloth, the lerak fruit that you use is also able to make the color of the cloth brighter so it doesn’t turn yellow even though the cloth is tens of years old.

  1. Preserving Fabric Color

To keep the color of the fabric like new, different from benefits of ramania fruit, you do not need to use chemicals. You can use lerak fruit soaked water and put colored cloth for 2 days 2 nights.

  1. Washing Antiques

For those of you who are fans of antiques made of iron, copper or brass, it will be quite difficult to take care of them, especially in keeping them clean so they don’t rust. You can wash it with lerak fruit soaking water to keep it clean, and if the antique is rusty, you can also remove the rust by soaking it for 10 minutes in lerak water.

  1. Washing Jewelry

Not only antiques that can be cleaned by soaking lerak fruit water. To keep your jewelry, especially those made of gold, to keep it shiny and shining, you can wash it with lerak fruit water soak.

  1. Worm Killer
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For those of you who have problems with garden worms that can damage your plants, you can spray the plants or water them with lerak fruit water to eradicate the worms.

  1. Lubricants

Often jammed door hinges make it difficult for you to open it the benefits of sago palmYou can use lerak fruit lender as a door hinge lubricant so it will be easier to open.

  1. Acne medication

For those of you who have acne problems, you can treat them naturally. The method is very easy, prepare the lerak fruit and soak it in warm water then use it to wash your face every morning and night.

  1. Washing Cookware

Lerak fruit soaking water which resembles soapy water is also able to clean your cooking utensils, from frying pans, knives to the blackened bottom of the pan.

  1. Repel Mosquitoes

Besides being able to repel worms, you can also repel mosquitoes by spraying lerak fruit water in your room.

Those are the various benefits of lerak fruit that we can convey, hopefully the information above can be useful and add to your insight.

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