10 Benefits of Post-surgery Catfish to Speed ​​Up Recovery

After performing a major operation, a person is usually faced with the situation of always consuming certain foods in the hope that the surgical wound will heal quickly and the body can recover as before. One of the ‘advice’ that is often heard when someone performs major surgery is to consume a lot of catfish.

Benefits of Catfish Post Surgery

The next question is is it true that catfish is good for people who have just had major surgery? Well, it turns out that this ‘advice’ is not only a myth but also a fact that has been proven by many medical practitioners. Catfish does contain several compounds or substances that can indeed help the postoperative wound recovery process more quickly. For more details, the following points will give you more knowledge about the benefits of catfish for health, especially after surgery.

  1. Helps Accelerate Wound Healing

Talking about postoperative wound healing, catfish is one of the foods that must be consumed and even recommended by medical practitioners. The reason has even been medically proven where catfish contain a protein compound known as albumin. This compound was found to be very effective in the wound healing process, especially large wounds due to surgery.

  1. Catfish is high in Omega 3
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One of the compounds contained in catfish is omega 3. Omega 3 is a fatty acid that is very good for the body, especially in the postoperative recovery period. The function of omega 3 is very important in maintaining the immune system, accelerating the healing process and maintaining the stability of the immune system.

  1. Increase Body Metabolism

Catfish is believed by researchers to help increase the body’s metabolism because of the vitamins and minerals contained in it. When the body’s metabolism works optimally, the healing process will also take place faster. So it is important to always maintain the body’s metabolic system to work optimally, especially when in the healing period.

  1. Launching the Circulatory System

The high mineral and protein content in catfish can help launch the blood circulation system. Surely you already know that the function of blood cells is very important in the body’s system, namely carrying nutrients and oxygen to all parts of the cell. By making sure each cell gets enough nutrients and oxygen, cells that are not perfect from surgery can recover more quickly.

  1. Overcoming Stress

Some postoperative time can cause stress to the patient because in addition to the pain that may still be felt, the postoperative patient is also restricted from moving. So don’t be surprised if it’s easy to stress. Consuming catfish can help overcome postoperative stress because it turns out that according to research, patients who experience stress actually require a relatively longer recovery period.

  1. Help Remove Surgical Scars
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Not only speeding up the healing process, consuming catfish after surgery can also help get rid of surgical scars, which are usually quite large.

  1. Improve Appetite

Catfish are usually used by parents to increase appetite or appetite in children who usually have difficulty eating. The same thing is usually experienced by post-operative patients who usually lose their appetite even though consuming healthy food is very important at this stage.

  1. Increase Endurance

After surgery, the body will easily get sick because the immune system is usually low. This can be fatal when the surgical wound is prone to infection. Consuming catfish can help increase the body’s resistance so that the healing process runs faster and optimally.

  1. Energy sources

One of the problems that patients often face after major surgery is weakness due to lack of energy. This is usually triggered by postoperative stress, loss of appetite so that the body’s metabolism cannot function properly. Catfish which is considered effective for increasing appetite and reducing stress is also rich in nutrients that can be used as a source of energy for patients who need it.

  1. High Protein Content
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It is no secret that all types of fish do contain high protein. However, there is something unique about catfish, namely the protein contained in catfish is a type of protein known as albumin. This type of protein is also found in catfish and snakehead fish. This type of protein contributes greatly to the postoperative wound healing process.

You also need to know that catfish is not only good for post-operative patients but also good for daily consumption. Several studies have proven that catfish is one type of fish that can maintain heart health because it contains omega 3. In addition, catfish also contains high enough calcium and phosphorus so it is good for bone health and can prevent osteoporosis in adults while for children. For children, catfish is very good for optimizing the growth of bones and teeth.