11 benefits of folic acid for health no 7 not realized

11 Benefits of Folic Acid for Health (No.7 Not Realized)

Folic acid or commonly called folic acid is one of the vitamins that are beneficial for the body. Folic acid is also included in the group of B complex vitamins, specifically B9. Folic acid is a water-soluble vitamin and is a multifunctional vitamin. The greatest benefit of folic acid in addition to body health is also very important for pregnant women and the development of the fetus they contain.

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Benefits of Folic Acid for Health

  1. to maintain heart health

Folic acid or folic acid has a role in heart conditions. One of them is that the content of homcysteine ​​in the heart will be dangerous if it increases because it can cause hardening of the arteries or cardiovascular problems, so that folic acid can reduce homocysteine ​​levels in the heart and minimize problems. (Also Read: Benefits of Peanuts for the Heart , Benefits of Avocados for the Heart)

  1. minimize the risk of stroke

Still related to the problem of homocysteine ​​which is produced in excess in the body can increase the risk of stroke. because excessive homocysteine ​​production causes damage to blood vessels which can contribute to the risk of stroke although stroke itself can be caused by many factors. therefore folic acid can reduce excessive homocysteine. (Also Read: Benefits of Cardio Exercise , Benefits of Chili Seeds)

  1. good for pregnant women

Folic acid is very good and it is recommended to always be one of the vitamins in the nutritional intake of pregnant women. folic acid or folic acid is useful in reducing or minimizing birth defects in the fetus which are usually caused by lack of folic acid intake, so folic acid is an important vitamin for pregnancy.

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  1. Has a fertility effect for women

Folic acid has a role also to increase fertility in women. So that a woman who is planning a pregnancy can take advantage of folic acid as a nutritional aid that can increase fertility so that the planned pregnancy can be carried out properly.

  1. Reduce anemia

Folic acid has benefits for the formation of blood cells in the body. So that the consumption of folic acid can reduce anemia, otherwise a lack of folic acid intake can cause anemia. So it is advisable to consume foods that contain folic acid or folic acid so that it can maintain levels of blood cell formation so as not to experience anemia.

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  1. Good for skin health

The next benefit of folic acid is that it helps to maintain healthy skin. Folic acid acts as a useful nutrient for cell renewal in the body. Besides being useful in the formation of red blood cells, cells that undergo renewal with the help of folic acid are skin cells. The process of skin cell regeneration is also assisted by folic acid. (read also: Benefits of Butter Mixed Milk, Benefits of Ginger Mixed Milk)

  1. Useful for the process of DNA formation

Folic acid helps as a coenzyme in the body that can help the process of forming DNA in the human body, this is important and very beneficial for health.

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  1. Helps the formation of hemoglobin
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related to the benefits of folic acid as a nutrient that helps the renewal of cells including blood cells in the human body. An important element in blood cells, namely hemoglobin, which has a duty as a carrier of oxygen in the blood throughout the body. Folic acid is useful for helping the formation of hemoglobin so that oxygen needs in the body can be channeled properly. (read also: Benefits of Yellow Peppers)

  1. Helps build and maintain muscle

Folic acid also has benefits on human muscle health. Folic acid acts as a nutrient that can maintain muscle health and helps the formation and maintenance of muscle tissue. So for someone who wants to build muscle or keep muscle tissue in top condition, it is necessary to take in nutrients that contain folic acid. (Also Read: Benefits of Black Glutinous , Cinnamon Benefits)

  1. Helps maintain digestive health

The benefits of folic acid for the digestive organs are as nutrients that help the intestines to avoid the risk of disease or intestinal disorders.

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  1. help with psychological problems

One of the psychological disorders or emotional disorders such as depression or anxiety disorders that are commonly experienced by a person. Consuming foods that contain folic acid can help in healing psychological problems such as general mental disorders. (Also read: melon benefits , benefits of salmon)

From the list of benefits of folic acid above, it can be concluded that consuming folic acid is needed to maintain long-term health. Folic acid which has benefits in controlling and helping the renewal of cells in the body such as blood cells, skin cells etc. (Also Read: papaya benefits , broccoli benefits)

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Pregnant women who want to maintain the health of the fetus from the risk of birth defects can consume foods that contain folic acid. On the other hand, the consumption of folic acid must be in accordance with the dose so as not to exceed the normal dose of consumption because excess consumption of folic acid can cause health problems. (Also Read: banana benefits , spinach benefits)

Folic acid can be obtained from natural sources such as spinach, broccoli, nuts or fruits such as bananas etc.

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