6 Benefits of Lawah Tea for Health

4a56f412 cropped tea lawah ziah jpg1For most people, you may still be confused by this type of health drink, this one is different if you look at it manfaat tea green now skin, because there are not many people who sell it freely in the market. You can only find this product in some pharmacies or drug and herbal food stores. Not infrequently this product is sold specifically at the outlet. Tea lawah is one of the prophet’s sunnah drinks which is currently very popular with most Indonesian people, although this product can only be found in certain stores. Tea lawah itself is actually a blend of good quality black and white tea. The process also uses sophisticated machines, formulated with the right dose by Indonesian herbal experts so that it is very effective as a cleansing or cleansing your body.

Of course, this tea lawah is very safe for consumption of all ages from children to the elderly, and because it includes herbs made from black and white tea leaves, tea lawah does not have any side effects and is halal for Muslims and is very healthy for consumption by all. person. Tea lawah itself is one of Rising International’s products with its main function as a detox to get rid of toxins and harmful substances in your body and increase stamina. If you consume it regularly and always on time then there are lots of benefits that you get.

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As for the presentation itself, it’s quite easy, just like if you brew tea, it’s different if you look at it the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but there is a difference in the way it is presented if you want to cure some chronic diseases. As in the presentation of tea lawah to cure cancer, this is different because the needs and goals are different. If you consume Lawah tea as a detox drink or as a nutritional support, you can brew it as you would regular tea. And for those of you who are curious about how to serve tea lawah for cancer sufferers, here are the details.

How to Serve Lawah Tea for Cancer Patients

  • First, prepare 100 cc of water and cook it until it boils and also provide 1 teaspoon of tea lawah.
  • Pour water into a cup or glass and brew the tea lawah into the glass or cup for about 9 minutes and separate from the pulp.
  • To separate from the pulp you can use a tea strainer or a spoon.
  • Drink tea lawah that is ready and you don’t need to add anything to your tea lawah, especially avoid adding sugar.
  • Drink tea lawah brewed every morning at dawn, it’s different if you see benefits of moon orchidsthis will help repair the body’s cells damaged by cancer and help the healing process more efficiently.
  • After you drink tea lawah, make sure you drink 4 to 6 glasses of warm water after drinking tea lawah.
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Apart from being a detox and can cure cancer, tea lawah also has many unexpected benefits for those of you who consume tea lawah regularly and regularly. The following is an explanation of what the hidden benefits are in tea lawah.

Benefits of Lawah Tea

  1. Lowers Cholesterol levels

To lower cholesterol levels you can consume tea lawah before and after meals.

  1. Prevent cancer

Of course, with the benefits that are able to treat cancer, it is different from the benefits of telang flowersLawah tea is also able to prevent cancer.

  1. Clean the Intestines and Stomach

Not only cleans toxic substances in the body but also cleanses the intestines and stomach from food residue that cannot be digested properly.

  1. Overcoming Obesity
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It is very important to maintain a stable weight, but there are still many people who tend to get fat easily and become obese. To overcome this you can consume tea lawah every morning and night before going to bed.

  1. Overcoming Stomach

For those of you who have a history of ulcers, it will be difficult if at any time your ulcers recur. To overcome this you can drink tea lawah so that the pain due to ulcers can be lost.

  1. Menhgobati Diabetes

Not only able to overcome obesity, tea lawah is also able to treat diabetes because it is made from white tea and black tea which is anti-diabetic. To treat diabetes there is a separate dose, namely you can consume tea lawah every day as much as 3 to 5 glasses without any mixture.

Those are some of the benefits of Lawah tea which is very good for your health in contrast to the benefits of binahong leaves, by consuming it regularly and regularly you can get these benefits. Hopefully the information above can be useful and add to your insight.

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