12 benefits of folilac fish oil for child development

12 Benefits of Folilac Fish Oil for Child Development

Fish oil is one of the processed fish products that has many health benefits, especially as an additional supplement because of its very high omega-3 content. However, some fish oil products are certainly not the same because they are produced by different companies with different quality of raw materials. One fish oil brand that is very popular with parents is Folilac fish oil.

What Is Folilac Fish Oil?

Before you decide to replace your usual fish oil products with folilac fish oil products, of course, you must first know about the background of this brand. In Indonesia itself, Folilac Fish Oil products are very commonly found because in addition to having quality that has been guaranteed by BP POM but also has a halal certificate from MUI so parents don’t have to worry anymore about the quality of this product.

Benefits of Folilac Fish Oil

Parents may already really understand anything fish oil benefits for health especially for their children when they are in their infancy. Especially for fish oil, Folilac has many benefits that you certainly won’t miss.

  1. High in Omega 3

There are so many omega 3 benefits especially for children to help optimize bone growth, promote brain and nervous system growth. In addition, omega 3 can also help reduce the adverse effects of ADHD in children.

  1. Contains DHA Good for Babies

According to research, the DHA content in fish oil can help optimize the performance of the nervous system in babies. It is said that those who get enough DHA as a child have intelligence that exceeds that of children who do not receive enough DHA.

  1. MPASI Mixed Healthy Solution
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Sometimes mothers are confused when giving complementary foods or complementary foods with the reason that what they have given is sufficient for the child’s nutrition. By mixing folilac fish oil into complementary foods, mothers no longer need to worry about the nutritional adequacy of their children.

  1. Help Optimizing Baby Growth

One of the main ingredients of folilac fish oil is omega 3. As mentioned above, one of the benefits of this fish oil is to help optimize baby’s growth and development.

  1. Benefits of Fish But Without Mercury

There are so many benefits of eating fisheven our Minister of Fisheries always promotes campaigns benefits of fond of eating fish. It is good for those who like to eat fish, but there is always a risk that the fish they eat has been contaminated with mercury. Meanwhile, all the goodness of fish contained in folilac fish oil is guaranteed to be mercury-free.

  1. Improve Brain Function

Giving fish oil to children from an early age is good for their brain function. Research says that children who consume fish oil as a child on average have more intelligence than children who do not consume fish oil.

  1. Optimizing Nervous System Performance

Not only performance and brain development, the content in fish oil can also optimize the performance of the nervous system so that it helps optimal child cognitive development.

  1. Improve Mood

Bad mood in children can trigger tantrums or colic in babies. It is not easy to deal with children who have tantrums or colic, but giving fish oil can help improve their mood so that they can prevent tantrums or colic.

  1. Healthy For Eyes
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The content of DHA in the benefits of folilac fish oil can also optimize the development of vision nerves in children. With a lifestyle that is very much with gadgets, giving fish oil can help reduce the risk of minus eyes in children.

  1. Strengthens Bones and Teeth

Another benefit of giving folilac fish oil to children from an early age is that it can help optimize their growth by strengthening bones and teeth.

  1. Prevent Eczema and Allergies

Most parents often wonder what causes allergies in children, especially eczema. Before all that happened research had shown that giving fish oil to children can help prevent eczema and allergies in children so that when they grow up they are free to do whatever they want without being hindered by allergy triggers.

  1. Reducing the Risk of Asthma in Children

Allergies can also lead to an increased risk of a child developing asthma. Therefore, it is better for mothers to start consulting the needs of giving fish oil to their children to their doctor.

However, when parents want to provide the benefits of folilac fish oil to their children and babies, of course, they must follow the recommendations and with the right dose, it should not be careless because there are also benefits of fish oil for weight gain to ensure that children are also free from the risk of obesity. Several studies have shown that excess AA and DHA can actually cause health problems, especially in children. In addition, not all children like the taste of fish oil, but there are many ways you can work around this, such as mixing it with food or choosing fish oil products with an attractive taste or in the form of chewable tablets that children like.

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