4 Benefits of Eating Raw Kencur Every Day That Not Many Know

Health is one of the most valuable assets of the human body that must be maintained at all times. This is because good health can make every activity the body undergoes smoothly and the presence of health problems can cause a person’s productivity to decrease and even certain conditions can be life threatening. Maintaining health has recently become one of the trends that are starting to be realized through healthy lifestyle activities.

There are several things that can be done to help maintain health conditions ranging from exercise, consumption of healthy and nutritious foods, maintaining sleep patterns, to utilizing some of the abundant herbal ingredients around us. One type of herb that has many health benefits is kencur. The following is an explanation of the benefits of eating raw kencur every day that everyone needs to know in the explanations and descriptions below.

Get to know Kencur

Before discussing further about benefits of kencur which is consumed raw every day, it is better to understand in advance what is kencur and the content in it. This understanding of kencur needs to be known so that it is easier to understand the health benefits that exist. Kencur is one type of spice that can be easily obtained and is often very easy to find in the kitchen in groups along with other spices.

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Although easy to find, kencur is often difficult to distinguish from other empon empon such as turmeric and ginger, as well as temu putih. Kencur plant is used as a stimulant because of its volatile oil and alkaloid content. Plants that have the scientific name Kaempferia galanga L. can thrive in lowland and mountainous areas. In addition to containing essential oils such as cineol, anisic acid, borneol, and others, there are also several other important chemical compounds in kencur such as starch, minerals, and gums.

Benefits of Eating Raw Kencur Every Day

From the explanation given above, there are several important ingredients in kencur that have positive benefits for the health of the body. Even some people consume kencur every day to get better benefits. Consumption of raw kencur every day can be done and does not cause significant side effects as long as it is consumed in moderate amounts. Here are some of the benefits of eating raw kencur every day, including:

  1. Maintain sound quality

The first benefit that can be obtained from consuming raw kencur every day is that it helps maintain sound quality. Benefits of kencur for sound This is believed and practiced by many famous singers in Indonesia and has been recognized by them such as Fatin and Ita Purnamasari. Both singers stated that the quality of their melodious voice has not changed and still occurs when consuming raw kencur every day even for Ita as a singer who is quite old stating that her voice has not changed since then until now.

  1. Maintain body health
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Consumption of raw kencur every day can also help maintain the quality of the body’s health and increase the ability of the body’s resistance or immunity. Kencur is also believed to be able to overcome several types of symptoms of diseases that often suffer, including:

  • CoughThe content of essential oils in kencur can help in overcoming cough as one of the symptoms of the disease that is very often experienced by everyone. Kencur can help relieve throat conditions and has indeed become one of the traditional treatments that has been known for a long time. This positive effect is equal to turmeric benefits for cough.
  • DiarrheaDiarrhea is a condition in which a person experiences bowel movements with more frequency and a more fluid consistency. Diarrhea can be caused by a bacterial infection and one of the properties of kencur is an antibacterial herb that can help treat diarrhea.
  • Have a coldcolds are also one of the symptoms of the disease that can be helped to overcome with kencur or raw kencur ingredients.
  1. Relieve stress
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The content of kencur which has a lot of essential oils in it has benefits related to a person’s psychological condition. These essential oils can provide a stimulant effect which will be one way to deal with stress. In addition, some of these essential oils also have antidepressant properties that can provide a relaxing condition for the nervous system to be able to calm the condition of someone who is stressed as well. longan benefits.

  1. Maintain stamina

Another benefit that can be obtained when consuming raw kencur every day is that it helps in maintaining stamina. With the consumption of kencur, a person will not get tired easily and be stronger in carrying out every activity that occurs throughout the day. This positive effect is closely related to the benefits of wedang tamarind.

Those are some of the benefits of eating raw kencur every day that everyone needs to pay attention to and know in relation to supporting health conditions. The existence of the mentioned benefits makes several public figures carry out kencur consumption activities every day.

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