8 Benefits of Real Palm Sugar for Health – Diabetes

As an Indonesian, you must be familiar with palm sugar. Palm sugar is one type of natural sugar that is produced and made using natural ingredients from palm fruit. In contrast to ordinary white sugar made from sugar cane, palm sugar has a red color and has a coarser texture and is not crystalline like cane sugar. Therefore, palm sugar is more often known as brown sugar.

Aren Sugar Production

palm sugar benefitsPalm sugar production itself is spread throughout the archipelago, from the tip of Sumatra to the eastern tip of Indonesia. Almost every area has a palm sugar-making craft center. Palm sugar itself is one of the main consumptions of the Indonesian people and is a basic ingredient in the manufacture of various types of food and beverages in Indonesia. Not only for making cakes but the benefits of palm sugar are widely used, especially for the Indonesian people.

What are the benefits of palm sugar? Here are some of them :

1. As a basic ingredient for cooking

Palm sugar has long been used as one of the basic ingredients for making Indonesian foods and beverages. The sweet, legit and delicious taste makes palm sugar one of the main choices in the process of making existing food and beverages and is a characteristic of Indonesia. Here are some types of typical Indonesian foods and drinks that use palm sugar:

  • Wedang
  • Young coconut ice
  • Pastries, such as klepon, putu
  • Indonesian cuisine, like gudeg

2. Energy enhancer

Maybe few of you know the benefits of palm sugar for health as a source of energy. Palm sugar has a calorie content, which is not high. However, because the calorie content is not high, this is the advantage of palm sugar. Although it has low calories, palm sugar is able to provide sufficient energy and energy. Usually, mountain climbers bring palm sugar to increase their energy and energy when they are tired of climbing.

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2. Prevent anemia

In terms of health, palm sugar should not be underestimated. Palm sugar has quite a lot of benefits for the health of our bodies. The first benefit is that palm sugar can prevent anemia in our body. This is due to the high iron content in palm sugar so that it can prevent blood deficiency or anemia. With sufficient blood content in the body, our body will avoid the symptoms caused by anemia, such as:

  • 5L (Weak, tired, tired, lethargic, lethargic)
  • Easy to get sick
  • Decreased endurance
  • Not enthusiastic about doing activities.

4. Streamlining Blood Circulation

Another benefit of palm sugar that you should know is that palm sugar is able to facilitate blood circulation in your body. With smooth blood circulation in your body. Then your body is able to avoid various kinds of disorders that can be bad for your body’s health. Here are some things that can harm the body when blood circulation in your body is blocked and not smooth:

  • Decreased oxygen supply to the brain, resulting in decreased concentration and thinking power
  • The work of the heart becomes heavier and results in heart failure
  • Blood supply to various organs of the body will decrease, so that it will cause disturbances in the organs that require optimal blood supply
  • Your body will feel tired and weak
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5. Increase endurance

The benefits of real palm sugar are able to increase endurance alias body immunity. The content in palm sugar is able to trigger an increase in endurance, so it will be very good for your body’s health. By being awake and increasing your body’s resistance or immunity, you will:

  • It’s hard to get sick
  • Always feel fresh and fit in your activities
  • It’s not easy to feel tired
  • Optimizing the function and performance of the organs in the body

6. Maintain body cholesterol levels

One of the important ingredients of palm sugar, namely the content of niacin is one of the ingredients that is able to maintain the body’s cholesterol levels will be maintained. This means that the condition of high body cholesterol levels will soon return to normal by consuming palm sugar. Cholesterol levels that are too high will be very bad for your health. Here are some bad things that will happen if cholesterol levels in the body are not maintained properly:

  • Diabetes
  • coronary heart
  • Stroke
  • Gout
  • The body becomes limp, lethargic and weak
  • Easily sleepy
  • Lack of concentration
  • Difficulty breathing

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7. As a mixture of traditional medicinal ingredients

Indonesia is rich in spices and traditional medicinal ingredients, aka jamu which are very diverse. To produce quality herbs and herbal ingredients, a mixture of herbal ingredients from live pharmacies is usually used and mixed with palm sugar. Not only does palm sugar function as a sweetener, it also functions to maximize the efficacy of the herbs and herbs that will be consumed. These herbs and herbs are usually effective in curing some minor ailments, such as:

  • Gout
  • Rheumatic
  • aches
  • Have a cold
  • Fever
  • Flu and cough

8. As a low -calorie sweetener

The name sugar, of course, has a very sweet and legit taste. However, today many people do not like and avoid white sugar because it is considered to have too high calories and can cause obesity, to diabetes. In contrast to white sugar, the benefits of palm sugar for diabetes are still safe to consume within reasonable limits. This is due to the calorie content of brown sugar which is relatively much lower than ordinary white sugar.

This of course will greatly increase the popularity of palm sugar as a low-calorie sweetener. Until now, it is still used as a sweetener, especially in everyday drinks. Those are some of the benefits of palm sugar that you need to know. There may be some who don’t know its incredible uses. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you.