7 benefits of okra fruit for diabetes that havent been revealed

7 Benefits of Okra Fruit For Diabetes That Haven’t Been Revealed

Okra, which in English is called lady fingers, is a green flowering plant that belongs to the same plant family as hibiscus and cotton. Okra has long been a favorite for consumption for those who are aware of the importance of health. In this okra fruit contains vitamin B, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and also folic acid which is very good for health. In addition, okra is also a low-calorie food and contains high dietary fiber. In fact, recently okra has also been recommended to be consumed in the daily diet, especially because it is abundant okra fruit benefits for acquired diabetes.

  1. Contains High Fiber

Okra is a fruit that is rich in will fiber benefits. In 8 okra fruit already contains 3 grams of fiber which is very good for improving the health of the digestive system, reducing hunger and making the stomach feel full longer. Consuming foods high in fiber such as okra is the best dietary treatment for diabetics. High fiber intake has been shown to improve glycemic control while increasing insulin sensitivity.

  1. Has Anti-Stress Effect

Extracts from okra fruit have also been shown to have source of antioxidants and also high anti-stress. Managing stress levels is an important part of diabetics, because high stress in the long term can make blood sugar levels increase. For this reason, mental health must be part of diabetes care, one of which is by consuming okra in the daily diet.

  1. Lowers cholesterol

Okra is also good for consumption to lower levels high cholesterol Because of its high fiber content and antioxidant qualities, it is recommended for diabetics. The American Heart Association also states that people with diabetes are more likely to have unhealthy cholesterol levels. When high cholesterol is combined with diabetes, the results will be even worse. That is why okra is a good food for diabetics to maintain good cholesterol levels.

  1. Anti Fatigue
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A study shows that okra can speed up the healing process and healing fatigue levels. Incorporating okra in a diet followed by an exercise routine will allow diabetics to exercise longer and recover more quickly from exercise. Cardiovascular activity itself is also an important part of preventing and treating diabetes so that okra indirectly contributes to a more active lifestyle of diabetics.

  1. Increases Muscle Sugar Absorption

In a study conducted in 2005 proved if myricetin is present in red okra benefits as well as green okra and several other types of food such as tea and red grapes are very good for increasing the absorption of sugar in the muscles as well as lowering blood sugar levels. Researchers believe that muricetin has been linked to lowering blood sugar levels and reducing several other risk factors for diabetes.

  1. Reducing Sugar Spikes After Meals

Okra is also said to reduce sugar spikes that usually occur after meals. In a 2011 study, it was shown that okra and a decrease in blood sugar spikes after a meal had a relationship with each other. The researchers conducted an experiment by feeding mice with liquid sugar as well as purified okra via feeding tubes. Mice that consumed okra were shown to experience a decrease in blood sugar spikes, proving that okra could block the absorption of sugar in the intestines of sufferers. diabetes.

  1. Contains Low GI

All diabetics are strongly advised to consume foods that are low in GI, which stands for glycemic index. Okra is included in foods that contain a low glycemic index so eating or drinking okra juice is highly recommended because it can have a positive effect for diabetics.

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Thus our review of some of the benefits of okra for diabetes that can be given. From the above review, it provides evidence that okra is one of the best healthy foods for diabetics to consume, both for prevention and treatment. Hopefully it can be useful and add information.

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