9 benefits of boiled beets for diet and body health

9 Benefits of Boiled Beets for Diet and Body Health

Beetroot is a type of tuber that is shaped like a potato plant. This reddish-purple fruit comes from the plant family Amaranthaceae Chenopodiaceae. This means that beets are still in the same family as turnips and other root vegetables. African people thousands of years ago first consumed beets.

Spread to Asia and Europe originated from the roots of the fruit which is very well known, which is then cultivated in these areas. Beets are better known for their tubers, which are high in carbohydrates and low in fat, calories and protein. That way, beets are very good for people who are on a diet program. Beets contain betasianin (purple pigment) and betasantin (yellow pigment) which gives it its dark purplish red color, and is often used as a natural food coloring.

Benefits of Boiled Beets

Beets in addition to natural dyes also contain folic acid, potassiumfiber, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, tryptophan, caumarin. For those of you who want to be healthy, of course it is most appropriate to consume beets without any additions such as MSG or cooking oil and other flavor enhancers. Because of that the benefits of beet vegetables more precisely cooked by boiling. The benefits of boiled beets include:

1. Sources of antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that can neutralize the entry of free radicals in the body, and prevent oxidative stress that will damage body cells, protecting the body from many chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The high content of phytonutrients in beets will fight disease, be a source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. One type of phytonutrient, namely betalain, is good for brightening skin tone and protecting the body.

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2. As a natural detox

The human body can excrete toxins by itself naturally to prevent poisoning. This process is carried out by the kidneys which filter the blood and produce waste in the form of urine. In addition to the kidneys, the lungs also function to remove carbon dioxide from the oxygen inhaled by humans, the skin which excretes toxins through sweat in the pores, and the liver or liver which removes toxins and other harmful substances from the blood. The benefits of boiled beets can help the process of removing these toxins, especially the kidneys and liver to keep working optimally.

3. Prevent hypertension

Consuming beets has been shown to lower high blood pressure thanks to the nitrate content in it which can also be found in green leafy vegetables. Several studies have shown that eating beets and other vegetables that contain nitrates will help maintain a healthy heart. The benefits of drinking beets every day can also give the same effect.

4. Increase stamina

Several studies have also revealed that the benefits of boiled beets can help people who are exercising, especially athletes, to be energized and stronger by 16 percent of their stamina. This is due to the nitrate content in beets, which reduces the burning of oxygen in exercise, thereby reducing fatigue. The body’s cells also become better at producing energy in the body so that it can improve performance in exercising.

5. Prevent anemia

The iron content in the benefits of boiled beetroot is quite high, so that it can reactivate red blood cells and regenerate them, supplying oxygen that is useful for red blood cell health and thus is useful in beetroot benefits for anemia. There are also beetroot benefits for children.

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6. Overcome digestive problems

The benefits of boiled beets will provide fiber needs as much as 3.8 grams in one cup serving. The fiber content in it serves to help food move through digestion in the intestines. Fiber will help make stools soft so that bowel movements are more regular. Fiber can also protect the intestines from infection, hemorrhoids, GERD or stomach acid.

7. Suitable for diet

Beets contain a lot of fiber but low in calories so it is a good source of food for you who are on a diet. Benefits of beets for diet derived from each cup of beets contains 59 calories and 3.8 grams of fiber as mentioned above. This is equivalent to 15 percent of the daily fiber needed by the human body. Fiber will move slowly in the digestive tract and help to suppress hunger so that the stomach remains full. Intake of fiber as much as 14 grams a day will help reduce daily calorie intake by 10 percent.

8. Prevents senile dementia

The benefits of beet vegetables Contains nitrite which can increase blood flow and oxygen to areas of the body that are deprived of oxygen. Consuming beets is said to increase blood flow to the brain in the elderly and fight the development of symptoms or signs of senile dementia. There’s also benefits of beet pulp and the benefits of beets for the health of the body of pregnant women and babies.

9. Good for diabetics

The benefits of boiled beets will also be good for diabetics because they contain antioxidants and alpha lipoic acid which are said to prevent cell damage and help heal damaged nerves in people with diabetes. Beetroot is significantly more beneficial in improving blood sugar levels also in obese people than those with ideal body weight.

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A few things to note if you want to try the benefits of boiled beets, first, make sure you don’t boil the beets for too long so you don’t lose their nutritional and nutritional content. Beetroot is also known for its high sugar content, with just a cup of it can have a negative effect on rising blood sugar. Therefore beets are usually used as an ingredient in refined sugar production. In addition, beets also have the potential to cause allergies, although rarely, so be careful if you are someone who is prone to allergies.

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