10 Benefits of Caffeine for Health

Caffeine is a substance contained in some plants such as coffee beans, tea and cocoa or cocoa coffee. Caffeine is a xanthine alkaloid compound that has a crystalline form and has a bitter taste. The caffeine content contained in a plant is usually different. For example, the caffeine content in robusta coffee will be higher when compared to the caffeine content of arabica coffee.

Even tea turns out to have more caffeine, however, because people consume it in small amounts. The impact of caffeine in tea is not as strong as that of coffee beans, which have been processed into coffee grounds. Many people assume that caffeine is not good for the body. However, with the right dose, it turns out that caffeine has health benefits as described below:

1. Prevent sleepiness

This first benefit of caffeine has been known for a long time. Many people consume coffee that contains caffeine so that they can eliminate the drowsiness that comes. The scientific explanation is quite simple. The content of caffeine which has properties as a psychoactive stimulant and a mild diuretic will make the hormone adrenaline produced more. As a result, the body will feel fresher so that sleepiness is gone.

2. Improve memory

In addition to eliminating drowsiness, caffeine also turns out to be able to improve a person’s memory or memory. Evidenced by a study conducted by Johns Hopkins University in the United States. There are about 160 people who are given different treatments, some of which will be given 200 mg of caffeine, while others will be given artificial caffeine. The result is in people who rarely consume caffeine.

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This dose of 200 mg, was able to increase their memory because they can remember the pictures given previously. So, for those of you who rarely consume caffeine, you can improve your memory.

3. Increase stamina after exercise

It turns out that caffeine is also able to increase stamina after exercise. To get maximum results, you can consume drinks that contain caffeine and carbohydrate foods. The combination of the two will help the body to replenish muscle glycogen lost during exercise so that this will accelerate muscle regeneration. In addition, caffeine will also treat muscle pain after exercise so that stamina will recover. So, after exercise, caffeinated drinks are the right choice.

Other sources of energy for stamina, also obtained from:

4. Prevents Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

This disease that attacks the brain, will interfere with the function of the brain as a memory tool. In which a person will experience memory loss, it may even be someone who is unable to remember anything anymore. With the content of psychoactive stimulant drugs and mild diuretics contained in caffeine, this will make the brain better store memories and events that have been experienced by someone.

5. Helps cleanse the colon

Caffeine also turns out to help the body to cleanse the colon of toxic substances. How could it be? This can happen because in caffeine, there is a crystalline xanthine alkaloid compound that will cleanse your colon of toxic substances. Of course, the caffeine dose here must be sufficient, meaning it should not be excessive. Because excess caffeine is not good for your stomach because it can trigger ulcer disease. The function of caffeine is that it can prevent intestinal diseases ranging from mild to severe diseases such as colon cancer.

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6. Prevent depression

The content of xanthine alkaloid compounds present in caffeine has been shown to stimulate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter whose job is to activate the pleasure center in the brain. With the release of this substance, the body will get an increased sense of pleasure and the result is that the depression experienced will be reduced.

Furthermore, by reducing the feeling of depression experienced, this has an impact on reducing dangerous diseases such as stroke. So, with this caffeine, a person can reduce the risk of stroke, because most of it is caused by someone’s depression which has an impact on an unhealthy lifestyle that triggers this deadly disease.

To prevent depression, you can also do the following activities:

7. Prevent skin cancer

Apparently, apart from being able to ward off diseases in the colon, another benefit of caffeine is to prevent skin cancer. In this case, caffeine can prevent skin cancer. According to research, someone who consumes caffeine every day in certain doses will reduce the risk of skin cancer when compared to people who do not consume caffeine at all.

8. Lose weight

Another benefit of caffeine is that it can help you lose weight. According to research, caffeine can suppress a person’s appetite so that the person will not continue to feel hungry after consuming caffeine. Obviously the benefits of caffeine will really help those of you who want to go on a diet or weight loss program. With the right dose of caffeine every day, caffeine will certainly be able to make your diet successful.

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9. Increase body energy

Consuming caffeine is not all bad for the body. Caffeine with the right dose can also help you to increase the body’s energy. The content of xanthine alkaloid compounds present in caffeine will help the body secrete more epinephrine hormones. This hormone is a hormone related to adrenaline in the body. If this hormone increases in the body, then a person’s adrenaline will increase so that a person will feel an increase in energy in the body.

10. Reduce the risk of diabetes

As we know, diabetes is a disease which is also known as diabetes because the body’s ability to absorb sugar is reduced and convert it into energy. If someone has diabetes, of course there will be many foods that must be avoided, especially sweet foods. Not only diabetics who have to maintain their sugar intake, healthy people also have to do the same.

Consumption of caffeine which has a bitter taste, which is the right solution. By consuming this caffeine, blood sugar levels will be more controlled than people who do not consume caffeine.

Other diabetes herbs can also be obtained from:

Those are some of the benefits of caffeine that you should know. Of course, these benefits will not be obtained with excessive doses. Therefore, consume caffeine wisely in sufficient doses so that these good benefits can be felt by the body.

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