Benefits of Tempe Mushrooms in the Health Sector

Who is not familiar with tempeh, this food is one of the favorite foods in Indonesia. Besides being rich in benefits, tempeh also has a cheap selling value. For vegetarians, for example, people who only eat vegetables, fruits and avoid meat consumption, say that tempeh can be used as a substitute for meat. Let’s discuss the meaning of what tempeh is. Tempe is a food made from fermented soybeans using a fungus called R Oligosporus. Tempe is widely used as a cooking menu by mothers because of its affordable price coupled with its many benefits. The content contained in tempeh is as follows:

Those are some of the compounds contained in tempeh. Because it is made from a fermented fungus called R Oligosporus, this tempeh mushroom has a characteristic gray color with a height of about 1 millimeter. This fungus can grow with temperatures around 30 to 35 degrees Celsius with a minimum temperature of 12 degrees Celsius.

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As for some of the benefits of this tempeh mushroom in the manufacture of tempeh as food, among others:

1.Produce natural antibiotics

Antibiotics are usually contained in chemical drugs that are given and used under a doctor’s prescription. The function of antibiotics is to treat infectious diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. However, the use of antibiotics that are beneficial for health requires supervision because antibiotics also have side effects for the body. However, it is different from the natural antibiotics produced by fungi from tempeh. This natural antibiotic has absolutely no side effects on the health of the body. So eating tempeh also provides benefits for increasing the immune system in the body in the health sector.

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2. Does not contain toxins

Toxin is another name for poison, in the body poison can enter through food and drinks that contain chemically artificial substances. And within a few months these substances can spread throughout the body and cause disease. However, it is different from the consumption of tempeh which is clearly rich in benefits. In addition, tempeh mushrooms do not produce toxins at all in the manufacturing process by fermentation.

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3. Reduce fat

The next benefit of tempeh mushrooms is to reduce fat in the body. Fat content comes from calories that are not burned so that it is stored under the skin layer. Fat in large quantities is certainly not good for health. So consumption of tempeh can be a good thing to help reduce fat levels.

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Those are some of the benefits of tempeh mushrooms for the body when consumed.

How to Make Tempe

So far, the tempeh you have been consuming is tempeh purchased in the market. So now it doesn’t hurt you to try to make it yourself at home. Here are the steps for making tempeh, namely:

  • Provide soybean seeds according to the amount of tempe you want to make.
  • Soybean seeds are then washed and put into a pot on the stove to be boiled later.
  • In the process of boiling the soybean skin will peel off then remove and soak again with water for 30 minutes.
  • Next, wash the soybean seeds again, and add inoculum, which is a type of yeast, to make tempeh.
  • Spread the inoculum evenly and then wrap the soybean seeds in plastic or use banana leaves.
  • Put it in a container so that the mushrooms ferment and make tempeh.
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Those are some simple steps to make your own tempeh. If you are interested, please try it.